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Level 50+ character progression

Hi there,

After 2 50+ chars in alpha, I feel like character progression does not feel so great after all skills have been unlocked, and about half of a mastery has been reached. Sure you still allocate new passives, but the sense of discovering something new at a good rate is sensibly gone.

Also, I feel like the passive skills at the end of a mastery tree are not as awesome as they could be, considering the investment required to reach them. Multi-classing seems a no-brainer in most cases.

I have two suggestions:

  • Make passives at the “top end” of a mastery tree more powerful and strongly themed. That would be in a tier that requires to be a “pure” class to unlock, and disable other masteries once unlocked.
  • Add at least one active skill in this last tier that has the same requirements and flavours.

That could also come with some graphical flavour for the character unique to a mastery. Does not need to be much. Who wants to play a lich without looking like a bad-ass skeleton in a robe ?

Keep up the great work, this game is only alpha and already a time-sink :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback!

Due to Last Epoch being in alpha it currently has limited campaign content available. We’re trying to make most skills unlock during that time, as not everyone will choose to play the Arena much on every character, and we do want those skills to be available.

As Last Epoch continues through development we will add more Chapters - and as we do so we’ll be gradually pushing back some of the skill unlocks to higher character levels. As a ballpark estimate, at release you’ll likely be unlocking skills as late as level 60.


Thanks for the reply !

Anything thought to share about “rewarding” sticking to a single mastery ? Or is skill unlocks adjustment your solution to that ?

Also, anything on making the liche look like a liche ? It’s a fetish of mine, I just love it when games do that (hello Might&Magic 7). That’s a cosmetic MTX I would insta-buy :smiley:

It is not something we wish to encourage.

We are going to ensure that classes have enough passives that it is possible - and in an ideal world, it would be possible without wasting any points on nodes which don’t help your build.

Players having the ability to invest into multiple masteries is a design decision. Where possible we offer players not just the ability to do something, but control over to the extent to which they do it. Many games offer a Meteor type ability and the option to convert it into a variation called Meteor Shower - but few allow you to choose the precise number of meteors included in the latter. We have invested a lot of time in making this granularity available.

Last Epoch is an ARPG, and those that play them value customization. This is what drives us in both our quest to make this possible, and our assumption most people will prioritize taking the optimal passives for their build. We won’t try to stop you, but we won’t encourage you, either.


Our initial beta release will include approximately a dozen new skills. :slight_smile:

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I understand your answer.

Maybe I was not clear in my idea. I don’t really want mono-classing to be encouraged. I would just find it good that it is at least as much a good choice as multi-classing.
Today I feel it is not the case, but I’m not worried about it since all trees, skills and stuff will probably still change a lot.

Thanks for the details :slight_smile:

Hmm i still have so much fun to get Level 100 and gearing up. So you can try to get the highest stats on your gear. It has a huge impact on your character. Hit a 4x T5 Two-Handed Sword which actually doubles my damage. Playin’ some Spinning melee build with Vengeance/Dark Blade. I really like its mechanic! So Dark Blade is hitting like a truck !

You can do this with every character - also Sorcerer Meteor Build works really fine for me and makes alot of fun to try it out with better gear. I’m so hyped for this game for along time and i’m so excited bout the BETA !!! :open_mouth: (:slight_smile:

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