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Let's show off our Legendaries

Since we don’t have a item link function ingame, I thought it would be interesting to share our big D legendary crafts.
Here is my crown jewel (pun intended)

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Nothing to show off. My first legendary simply added +9 to health… Gamechanging… :frowning_face:


You will get some good ones.



This here is the best I’ve made so far. I’m using it on a bowmage. With this ability to make items like this I have been having a blast chasing down uniques and exalted items to pair with them.


DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. That’s sick. I only got +2 LP and I’m using it on my decoy bomber. If anything, the Legendary system made a fairly good, but rarely used defencive item into the best Quiver in the game.

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My jaw hit the floor when that quiver popped out of a mono reward chest. Now going to farm the crap out of Heorot for a Reign of Winter with LP. I’m excited to see what other items will be elevated to some crazy level.

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GL, but don’t hold your breath. RoW has a very low chance of procing multiple LP.

Not the best ever, but rather nice.


Yeah I figure me and Sir Heorot will go toe to toe many hundreds of times if not upwards of 1000+. Plus that timeline specifically has a better chance of dropping an orians eye which I have yet to acquire. The hunt is on!

Idk how you guys upload pictures in here so i just made imgur link but im kinda loling at how ridicilous this wand is and its BLUE item

…How is that wand ridiculous? lol. It’s just two T5 damage stats that aren’t even max rolls. You can craft that with minimal effort. The thread’s about Legendaries.

ok show me how you can easy wit minimal effort craft blue wand like that this wand is literally endgame wand for 100 lvl content

A lot of weapon suffixes are pretty crap, even moreso for DoT builds since most of the suffixes are hit effects.

I crafted them constantly even before the crafting changes made it harder to fail. DOT+Necrotic staves and wands are a standard Acolyte leveling item. I probably have a dozen just like this in my stash.

It’s just two T5 damage stats dude. They’re below the max roll (105%), and way below even the lowest roll on even a T6 of the same stat (131%). A single T7 stat of either of them could replace both.

It’s great that you’re happy with it, but it is not “ridiculous” at all. There’s nothing special about it.

I’m aware. But it doesn’t mean a simple double T5 prefix item is amazing.

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This is the best I have managed to make so far, just a shame it’s not the higher level ‘Fang’ version. Still, a very useful amulet and saves a skill point for a Wolves/Squirrel build.


The best i got so far

that Hell’s reach is pretty sick. I made a similar one.

Hell reach looks dope. Can stack flat throwing damage from cinder strike and then use umbral/decoy.

It says a lot how Marksman’s best build is a throwing one and it’s not even that great to begin with xD #Marksmanlove, pls.