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Let's show off our Legendaries

I thought Tunk’s Hail of Arrows was supposed to be quite good (for Arena at least)?

i dont even know if this unique is even usable tbh but i had it with potential and i have a ton of keys so i made it for the sake of making it :sweat_smile:

i might try it out if theres other cold bow skills that can back up puncture, presumably with some aoe? i dunno, we will see.

This is the only decent i got, not only great unique rolls, also got two well rolled T5 affixes.

Made this last week which prompted me to make a shockadin smiter:

And then just last night I made my first 4LP item, a Close Call shield:


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I made my first Legendary. It did not go as hoped, I got neither of the affixes I was aiming for.

I hear you so far all my legendaries took the worng affixes, did only +1 or +2 so it was expected :slight_smile:

I’ve got this a few days ago, don’t even know what to do with it. Please advise.

P.S. That rainbow sword also has 3LP. Don’t know what to do with it either.

made finally some good one for leveling at least! a viper tail and a yrun wisdom

This happened today.


I just started leveling a Storm Crows/Serpent Strike Primalist build and figured I’d use my lvl100 Sentinel Bleed==>Fire Conversion/Poison Fang Set Warpath build to farm T2 Julra, and made this:

I am happy how that turned out for the most part! :slight_smile:

Edit: Just made my 2nd T2 Julra Legendary:

Should compliment the build pretty well :slight_smile:

Got this today. Sadly the implicit roll is not the best.

Nice staff, Oeller.

I got a 4LP Hammer of Lorent a couple of days ago (my one and only 4lp thus far). What would you guys try to put on that?

That depends on the build you want to use it on.

I would say the most “universal thing”, that could be used the best for a majority of builds would be:

  • Melee Physical Damage or Crit Multiplier or Melee Attack Speed
  • Melee Crit Chance
  • Frailty Chance
  • Less Bonus Damage Taken From Crits

My Sentinels ask at which trader we can meet you. :wink:

Would trade it for any LP Frostbite Shackles… xD

Decided to finally build an VK Autobomber with the staff. Pushed from 88 to 100 in less than 10 hours playtime. Still a little to overpowered :smiley:

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Its the back of the old baby blue 1970 F100, in the parking lot just behind the Macdonalds, turn left on first and right into oh f**k where are you again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My latest Creation as of a few minutes ago for my Bleed=>Fire+Poison Ruby Set Warpath build:

and a few others I did earlier today to boost my 2nd Character (Primalist Beastmaster Storm Crow):

Might wait to get to lvl 90 before I attempt T2 Julra with it so I can add 1 affix to my Raven’s Rise Glove. :smiley: