Let us Respec in what the Character is proeficent at

Let us change our character mastery, I am a ROGUE i know to do 3 things FALCONER MARKSMAN AND BLADEDANCER, so let us Choose whenever we want from thoose 3 things. Why we need to make another char, Do 5 hours of campain, do another 5-10 hours to reach lvl 100 and redo the basic monoliths to unlock the empowered. Its an ARPG let us have choices, locking masterys of a class is bad. When we dont want to play it anymore you put us to redo the things we dont want to and thus people will leave


+1 for this :slight_smile:

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I agree. +1

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Being locked in your class is the very definition of RPG.


You pick your class at char creation and you pick your mastery class in the end of time. You are a Rogue when you start out but then you switch to another class. There is a reason why EHG is saying there are 15 classes and not 5. Class changes never have been a thing in any RPG you weren’t able to switch from Barbarian to Necromancer or from Templar to Scion and whatnot.


Because making Alts is fun and keeps players engaged with the game.

And ARPGs should have some sense of “choices matter”.

Do you think you should be able to change your base class too?

-1 to this idea



I like creating alt and levelling.
This is probably the only meaningful gameplay choice for a character after Monolith Blessings. Skill points and passive points are already easy to respec.


how is making alts FUN and leveling again to 100 with the same class to play a different spec? there are 100`s of threads about this topic. how is making again the campaign fun? how is doing normal monoliths till you unlock empowered fun. my dude, go outside a bit

Don’t know what to say to that. Avoid ARPGs?

And for the record, I have 21 active Alts (and counting), around 18 or 19 of them are level 80 or higher, many are 90+ or even 100) just to put my comments in perspective.

Making alts is fun for a very large portion of the ARPG playerbase. It’s one of the foundations of the genre. Not everyone likes it, mostly because of D3, but it’s a staple.
And it’s not the same class. Masteries are classes. So it’s a different one.

Yes, there are 100’s of threads about this topic and all points of views have already been discussed before. You’re not adding anything new to the topic. Long story short, some games encourage you to make lots of alts, some don’t. It’s part of a game’s identity. If you don’t enjoy that identity, then that game isn’t for you.
If not being able to respec your mastery class is a dealbreaker, LE isn’t for you. If LE ever changes and lets you respec it, the game won’t be for me (just like D3/D4 isn’t for me).



Choose a mastery when you make a class, look into the opportunity cost of your choice from the beginning and you won’t feel like you need something the game is not designed to do. Or do it at the end of time, when the guy asks you “are you sure?”, you clearly are not, so go back and look at all the passives you lose with your choice,


Then they should add the option for us casuals who value our time, and you guys who like to level 3 alts for 1 character to have all 3 mastery`s separate will be fine with this option,

Great reply DJ, one of your best. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would add that this is really a first world problem. I mean it takes less than a day to make an Alt and get it to monos. Is it really a huge deal?


No, they shouldn’t. Saying that it’s an option isn’t a valid argument. Games are in a spectrum. If LE allows mastery respec, they will shift towards the D3 end of it and players that don’t like casual ARPGs will leave.
If it’s really that much of an issue to you you can play D3 or D4. You barely have to make alts in those. But not every game needs to be D3/D4. Some games can have their own identity.


Wolcen is the extreme here, if anyone is interested. You literally need to make only one char in that game since you pick your skills from the master pool of 40 skills that is available to all chars. And you can freely change the set you chose.

I still made a few Alts, lol.

And before anyone spreads mis-information, Wolcen is actually very very good these days. I gave it 500 hours and loved it. (But LE is better).

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You know everyone has been pretty civil, there is no need to be rude.

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I couldn’t confirm that. I bought it in one of the steam sales for 2 or 3€ and I tried playing it but it crashed 3 times in 2h, so I gave up.

Wolcen is really fun in a lot of what it does…however it still has bugs…that I have heard will never be fixed because they are no longer supporting it. The end game is repetitive…but like I said I enjoyed the rest. I loved the Gate of Fates.

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It is hands down, the best graphics in any ARPG currently available. It looks splendid, even on my old rig.

I believe it does. However, I couldn’t even really get into the game as it kept crashing. I might try some other time in the future. Although, now that it’s been officially abandoned, no new fixes will be coming along, so I’m not too hopeful of a different outcome.