Less instability increasing on exalted items please?

It’s just not fun to finally find something usable for current build and fracture it after first try. And absolutely not fun to get great t6+ affix on great base and fracture it instantly.
As i said in one of comments, may be good solution is not to just change instability raising, but something else:

Instability increases at a flat 5 per craft, with the chance to fracture being crafting tier x 5% + instability - 25% (if you use the glyph that reduces the “tier” of a fracture).

Dropped items inherently have less instability than a similarly crafted item.

Yes, i know that. And it doesn’t changes this fact that fracturing nice exalted items after few crafts is not fun :slight_smile: How much time will pass until next similar item will be dropped?

Some call them “chase items” these days.

In addition, Bazaar, Legendarys, many extensions / changes of already existing, the “Crafting System” is also still expanded…
…and who knows what else.

Because of the sometimes prevailing selective perception, the current crafting procedure just seems very nasty and unnecessary from time to time. That will pass.

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I don’t agree. I feel we need as players to start taking responsibility when deciding to craft an item. Crafting is easily available, with no real cost, only shards that are easy to get (Most of them).

The item dropped as is. Then you become responsible for the outcomes when you decide to craft on it. Every time you click on the craft button and the chances are not 100%, it’s a risk. Risk vs Rewards needs to be your own assessment. I think we are already very fortunate to have a well-working system that lets you itemize so easily by freely being able to add affixes to an item. I personally don’t risk an item if I can’t handle losing it. Also, if it fractured after the first try, probably you didn’t have a Glyph of the Guardian, unless the items already was High Tier

Thank you for your opinion, I can understand. I ,on the other hand, think it is fun to know that it won’t work every time because it makes me happy when I succeed.

I wish you great loot!

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Oh course it’s not fun shattering on high but if they didn’t it would also never feel good when it works out.

For me, just finding required affix on required base is already same as getting chase item. I mean what are chances just to get combination of base + affix needed? But losing any potential of this item immediately feels frustrating. Yes, of course i’m using glyph of stability to reduce instability raising and guardian when chances for successful craft are below ~50-60%.

Whoa… brave one here. I use them at `75% usually. 80% if I really want the item to stick.

Before i was starting to use them earlier too. But instability raises even faster in this case and you usually finish with too low chances or fractured item before getting something good. Yep, if you have no gear, it’s good choice i think. But when you are working towards t15+ you just can’t reach it if you stop using glyph of stability on 75-80%.

I feel ya. There are times when one gets (Or feels, I should say) lucky on a successful sub ~50% chance.

Ive evolved to say if an item doesn’t have 2 outta four affixes I want, and at least t8 between those two, I ignore. I try to make builds where the base items isnt as important, but this patch changed that a bit, and so Im trying to make some melee now.

Is… difficult, but challenging. Think I might revisit that item showcase thread for crafts. Was fun lol

I have lootfilter base with 1 rule per item slot. For each character i’m duplicating it and adding required affixes. Early i’m picking up items with at least 8 tiers of required affixes. Later abit i raise it to 10. And then to 12. Because if they have less, there is no chances to get item better than i have already :smiley: And returning to exalted items, they rarely have any other usable affixes, so first gamble is to remove at least some of useless affixes, and this already raises instability abit. And then you need to craft 1-2 affixes from zero. Yes, i understand, that situation will change with multiplayer and trading. But i hope everybody understand, that there always will be other people, who want same exalted affix on same item. And supply of those items will be very low.

I can mostly agree! And I love that idea for the lootfilter… Going to try that in a sec. Thanks!

I feel when you get a really good drop that crafts into something more than sufficient for that slot, setting the filter to a more narrowed scope makes sense. Factoring in exalted RNG, the exact item to drop with the ideal base/t7 affixes/other affixes in a ‘max craftable’ scenario is pretty much nil. Not exactly, but very slim. And for that reason alone, until a character has achieved this in every slot, they are not ‘min/maxed’, amirite? Apologies, quite inebriated atm. I think that all makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats what i’m trying to say, chances to get exalted you want look like:
(one of few good affixes for build)/(total prefix or suffix pool on item)
multiplied by
(one of few good bases in this slot)/(total amount of bases for this slot)
Doesn’t look promising, yeah? :smiley: It’s not that bad for armor pieces or jewelry until lots of new bases added. But look at the amount of weapon bases. It seems nearly impossible to get good exalted affix on good weapon base. And most of the time you have only 1-2 bases for build. You don’t want your own damage affix on minion weapon, for example.
Aaaaand if miracle happened, and you got t6-7 on nice base, now you have to pray and remove trash affixes and craft required ones. So i hope there will be some balancing or improvements. For example, new rare glyph, which will reduce instability, or be like glyph of stability+, or which will protect only from minor fractures, leaving chances for damaging and destructive as they are. Make them so rare that only exalted items will worth using those glyphs, and it should be great improvement.

Only meh thing is when you know you need 10 rolls to make it good and it breaks on the first few. Just a bit demoralizing.

Then again my crafting nowdays is spamming without thinking with stability, when switching to guardian when chance goes below 50%. It’s unlikely to get anything good, so just roll with it I suppose.

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That’s basically what i’m doing with common items i picked up for craft xD Hard to use same strategy for exalted items.

Is it though? If you need 10 affix rolls to make it good, you have to stability to start with even when goes down to 60s for an upgrade, else you’ll have almost no chance on last rolls even with guardian.

It is rare for me to find an exalted with 4 rolled affixes that are good, hell any rare with those isn’t happening a lot. So I tend to start crafting on items with 2 well rolled stats, chance to get there is really low, but it’s what it is. Only difference on an exalted is one of the stats is no t6 or t7 instead of 5.

If I ever get an exalted with 3 or 4 well rolled stats, sure I wont go down to 50 with stability, but mainly because I don’t have to.

I mean hard to spam each item until you get result, not exact crafting process :slight_smile:
Sorry, i’m not native english speaker, so sometimes i can use word in wrong context, or build sentences wrong, failing to communicate my thoughts correctly.

As far as I know that’s not 100% correct. The fracture chance is:

instability + tier([TierToAdd]) with tier = [0, 5, 10, 17, 25]

I think you’re right, it changed last patch

Yes, they did tweak it last patch, good catch.