Less instability increasing on exalted items please?

I just grabbed a random exalted item out of my stash yesterday for a new build and proceeded to max every stat. I’ve done this several times. I’ve also fractured items before finishing them many times. That’s called balance. Fracturing items isn’t supposed to be fun, just like dying isn’t fun. But it’s something that must exist to balance the game.

Did you just maxed affixes already existed or? Cause for all time i’m playing i still don’t have any exalted item fully filled with good affixes, because all of them became fractured before finishing. Did you have so much exalted items on base you need so you could repeat this until you get nice item?

Just grabbed one out of the stash and fully maxed it. I also have a quad T5 shield that I was using. The chances of upgrades get pretty low the closer you are to maxing your craft. Crafting is not meant to be a shortcut to having the best gear, but it is possible to get good enough.

You just repeated yourself without answering my questions.

No, he said he maxxed out the existing affixes. If the other affixes are t3/4/5 then it wouldn’t require much luck to get them all to t5.

My bad then, i can misunderstand people sometimes. But then it’s not so much related to topic, cause getting exalted with 2-3 other affixes you need is almost impossible. So we return to where we started :smiley:

Not necessarily. If the exalted was the first item he took for his build & it had reasonable affixes (ie, not necessarily ideal but something that can be worked round with other pieces of gear) it’s not unreasonable. Plus if it’s been in his stash it’s entirely possible that it dropped in the past year or so (whenever they implemented exalted items, 0.8.0?) making the RNG less punishing to obtain it.

And we don’t know any of the details as to the base, affixes or build…

he hasnt been around that long. I agree with @faraddox that exalted items with affixes, and the base, you desire is almost impossible to get.

I will have to agree based on experience. Exalted items dropping with affixes that create a useful item for your build is dismally low. To get it on an ideal base makes it quite unlikely to happen. While is is possible (naturally) to get these items to just drop, it is so unlikely that human perception would naturally view it as next to impossible.

/fight me :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the chase which is involved by looking for good exalted items. It is like influenced item crafting in PoE with awakeneder orbs previous to harvest:

When you get a great stat on an exalted item (maybe a subpar base or with a non optimal stat line) you have to think about if it is worth to integrate it into your build. If it is a very important T7 (they roll really high compared to T5) you probably will try to work around the other disadvantages of using a subpar base. Furthermore you always can try to remove a bad affix to get a better item by applying RNGesus.

I really like the system more than this “I will min-max my gear at some point”-approaches. A full optimized character with T22+ gear and all best stat lines should never be achieveable in my opinion.

In addition fitting in subpar bases/stats makes it harder to get the next exalted item build into your cahracter. At some point you may have to handle to bad stat lines on different pieces so that you have to switch out older exalted items and wear rares again. This makes your character a lot more evolving.

I like it but of course it is my opionion and everyone can have its own. In PoE I really disliked the possibility to get BiS items with Harvest. Close to BiS is ok but you need something to chase while still being able to get upgrades within a decent time. With the high RNG involved (affixes and bases) you will get upgrades more frequently.

In my experience, I generally get at least one t21 piece of gear in a weekend race that is good for my build. If it was easier to craft up exalted there’d be a lot less chase left, because it would just be way too easy to gear up. I definitely get the frustration of fracturing an exalted drop, but I think people massively over exaggerate how hard it is to get decent exalted bases dropping. I’ve played every character solo, and by level 95 I’ll have found at least one exalted I managed to turn into a useable item.

Heck, on my character new for this patch I already have 4 exalted pieces in my stash that all have potential for some build within my mastery. If anything it needs to be harder to get t21 gear.

What do you mean by having potential for some build within your mastery and how many hours have you clocked on this character? The figure doesn’t gel with my own experience, granted, I haven’t been playing the game hardcore since there’s very little motivation to do so.

They could all be used for a build within my mastery. No idea on hours, not a huge amount, just into empowereds, pushed arena to wave 100, lvl 80. Bare in mind that they fixed item rarity this patch, so if you haven’t really played this patch, you’re experience isn’t going to be reflective of actual loot drops.

I’ve completed 5 empowered timeline this league and I got zero exalted items I could use for my build.

I might have just been lucky shrug

I’m just not sure how stringently we’re assessing exalted items. My criteria is rather strict. I’ve a planned builder for how my build would be minmaxed and I’m looking for gears that fit within that game plan. It is not as strict as the item has to be exactly one specific base type with a pool of 4 specific mods. But in general, for each slot I’m looking at its, 2 - 3 base types with 6 - 10 mods that could work within my plan.

For something this narrow, it’s pretty hard to get exalted that fits the bill.

For me to consider it as an exalted drop I could use it just needs to give more value than a non exalted, in a way that I can work it into a build and come out better than a t20 on specific base type. If I can change the suffix on another piece of gear, to make the exalted work, and end up with better numbers after that, then its better.

Also I do rune of removal any exalted I need to, to get it in a position it can be that.

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Actually, even though I described a very stringent process, the truth is all the exalted that dropped isn’t remotely suitable for my build at all. So maybe you’re right about you being lucky. Or I, and all those who think relevant exalted drops are “impossible”, are unlucky af.

Yup. I do too. But never lucky.

Yeah I mean, like I said in my post it’s only on this character that I’ve got a few.

Normally in a weekend race I get one useable one by the end. Which seems fine, if not too easy.

I was (and still am) on the other side with Harvest :smiley: Thing is, while it offers ability to craft near perfect or perfect items, you still need a lot of time on ssf, or currency on trade league, to achieve this. Even on trade league, you could spent day or two farming and buying recipes to finish your item. Most important thing here was feeling of progression and understanding that at one moment i WILL get item i want. Yes, still alot of rng involved here and there (tiers, affixes with same tags, etc), but if you planned whole crafting process, then risks of losing item were very low. It was just a matter of time and currency. And i spent alot more time playing those leagues (Harvest + Ritual) than i usually did since 3.0. It was more enjoyable. I could try any build that came in my mind without having to check trade for few weeks for very niche and rare items - i could make all of them myself. I tried so much new builds.
That was fun, and despite i had bis or almost bis items on my builds, i enjoyed leagues much more than later, with post-nerf Harvest.