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"Less Damage Taken From Critical Strikes" 2-Hander Suffix should have T6 and T7 variants

So, this is the only affix (i know of), that does not have a T6 and T7 version.

T5 is capped at 50%, which is totally fine, because that will make it equaly to 100% CSA if perfectly rolled.

But i would like to see some slightly higher values for the T6 and T7, maybe like up to 60% on a perfect rolled T7, this would make it better than 100% CSA.

There is still alot of debate going on, regarding DW vs 2H vs 1H+S.

And while a single affix, especially if it’s about exalted tier, should not be the main argument, this change would give 2H a little bit of an edge in defensive terms.
While still should not be as good as a shield.

What do you guys think?

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T7 should go up to 80%. Because reasons. Then maybe the Arena pushers will concider using a 2h weapon.

All for it.

Although higher than 50% would then mean that crit strikes do less damage than a normal hit would? Or is my math stuffed?

Yup, that’s the entire point.

That is actually a good point. I was pretty disappointed when looking at it that it didn’t a t6-t7 which felt rewarding.