Legacy Question

Why when i load my legacy character most of the items can no longer be used for some reason? They have that “x” that indicates it can’t be equipped? One idol as well. Any idea why? Thanks.

This: All items, gold, crafting materials are GONE

Was it supposed to be like this? Kinda defeats the point of allowing legacy if all the items you have worked on are no longer usable or gone…

When u open ur stash you will find there to aditional mini menus right and left top corner. Click it and you will get ur stuff back :slight_smile:

I don’t think i explained the problem correctly. The problem is that the items i was using are now unable to use. I have figured it out. It says the faction rank is not high enough because apparently it was all reset to 1. Was that the design?

Well the thing is, that you can get back your exp from CoF faction by clicking righ top button in your stash. Good luck! :slight_smile:

ok, thanks for the tips, appears good now