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Leaving player thoughts

Have tried all classes, built quite a few of Boardman*s builds, but the remaining feeling is that the end game is boring and that leveling is lackluster.

Bought Lost Ark yesterday and uninstalled Last Epoch.
Wish you who remain a fun time and good development of the game.


Maybe try building random builds and see what you find fun. I personally really enjoyed playing Necro with Summon Volatile Zombie. That was the most fun I had on any playthrough, despite being my first one.

My only real complaint while leveling was that the bosses and some of the environments were a little unexciting. I do feel like a lot of the time I’m fighting grape jelly monsters for way too long at a time. But over-all, LE is as entertaining as any other ARPG I’ve played since Diablo 2. Maybe you just didn’t hit the chord that would’ve appealed to you.

That or the game isn’t for you, I dunno. Just a suggestion.

I am genuinely curious, did you try building your own character or did you solely used build guides?

For me personally creating my own builds, regardless of how objectively good they are is the most fun and statisfying thing about any kind of complex game like LE.

Getting a somewhat decent build running on your own is really not hard and I always feel like a lot of people are too biased or afraid, because of other games to even give it a try.

Also a lot of builds out there are simply not fun and good for certain types of players, so maybe you just have not found stuff yet, that you would really enjoy.

Endgame feeling boring is something a lot of people brought up, even though I don’t think this way.
Leveling feeling lackluster is something that I don’t udnerstand as well, what exactly is lackluster?

I feel LE’s leveling experience is one of the best of it’s genres, simply because your character can develop into an actual thought out build very fast. The pace of progression is amazing, nto too slow, but also not overwhelming or daunting.

I don’t want to de-rail this into some off-topic with speakign too much about other games, but I feel like Lost Ark’s leveling experience is waaay inferior to LE.
On the endgame side I cant compare it, but I guess both games are hard to comapre anyway to begin with.


A reminder that this game is still in the beta phase, so for me personally, I am hopeful that they will expand elements/content within the echoes themselves to make it less “boring” and more engaging with player agency to tackle the added content or not. I feel this game overall is on the right track, but just needs some tweaks like allowing for shards of the same kind to stack in the inventory versus taking up another slot OR have them sent to the forge directly via a checkbox in settings for those players who choose not to sell their shards to the NPCs (stuff like that). I haven’t been playing the game long (just on my 2nd character/build atm) and am having a blast. ye there are times where I dread having to go through so many echoes to get to the boss of that particular monolith area, so I think that process could be improved by some who have already suggested that we should get bonus points on top of the echo reward clear for actually engaging with the mobs in the echo itself and getting at least a few extra bonus points for full clearing the echo and/or side content within the echo (in future content hopefully) to spice things up a bit and add more excitement in running them.

I also think endgame feels boring.
Why do you NOT find it boring ?
i’m sincerely interested in why not.
Maybe i’m doing something wrong :wink:

I have taken a break with the game to figure out what i should do next. i think i will come back, but i’m sympathetic to the OPs impressions. I think i have a higher opinion of the game, but after playing it a lot, there are things really starting to get on my nerves, and when i’m not irritated with something in the game (cough embermages cough) i’m generally pretty tired of running monos.

Monolith has a lot of long term planning and decision making you can do.

Planning, strategizing, target farming.

Stacaking modifiers, avoid modifiers, farm for specific rewards, farm for specific Bosses.

So much different stuff you can do and you never can do everything at once.

Just as an example, “preparing” a timeline for farming dozens and dozens of Specific Unique/Set nodes is immensely statisfying for me. (Uncovering a Echo Web entirely, using multiple Vessels Of Chaos and Vessels Of Memory properly together)

The moment to moment gameplay is not super exciting, but in the long run it still keeps me motivated playing, even after hundreds and hundres of hours in the “New MoF,” since it’s big overhaul.

I can definitely see more endgame modes like the dungeon, that have less long term planning and player agency, but more on-the-spot momenmt-tomoment decisions, brining a lot more excitment for other player types.


Im not one to whiteknight a game.

IMO FOR ME, at least Last Epoch is heading in the right direction as an pure arpg, not some abomination hybrid like Lost Ark, IMO

Because No, a typical arpg dont have 10 skills to press and you dont have to make alts to farm resources from dailies like BDO or if you are rich, buy spent real $

Unless if they make LE single player less attractive to play because of MP, then its goodbye and on with another game.

Actually, Lost Ark never pretended they were an ARPG. It’s ARPG players who look at the art style and assume it has similarity with ARPGs they are familiar with. Lost Ark is simply a MMO with isometric view.


Yeap ive played the korean version.

Wondered if i gotten that impression from its marketing language

This is what the devs/publisher describe it as on steam:

“Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a vast, vibrant world: explore new lands, seek out lost treasures, and test yourself in thrilling action combat in this action-packed free-to-play RPG.”

Not hard to think that people would condense the last bit to arpg.

I’ll still posit that most people confused it to be an ARPG because it looks like one based off screenshots and trailers… than the explanation that it is due to some obscure descriptor which made it sound like one.

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Yes, but if the publisher is describing it as an action … rpg is it any wonder that others are too? This could even be a chicken/egg scenario if everybody saw it and described it as an arpg which the publishers then picked up on and ran with when they started doing marketing. shrugs

The title of the thread and post seem a little too “emo” for me, I’m not a fan of these threads.

However, there’s nothing wrong with taking long breaks from a game if it either gets boring for you or you get fed up. It doesn’t mean “leaving” necessarily, as you’ve already bought the game.

Perhaps in a few months or a year or more, you might come back when new content is released, or when MP arrives etc etc.

I would say don’t approach it all so dramatically. Look at it as a long break, rather than “leaving”. After all, you already have the rights to come back at any time & pick it back up again in the future.

I do agree that “end game” itself is a little on the boring side. Unless you have a self imposed goal(s) you have set yourself for farming or builds, there’s not a lot but repetition. That’s true for most games though. Personally, I keep my interest by trying new builds and farming uniques/set/gear for those builds. There are some items that I curse daily for my rng & their drop rates, but at the end of the day sadly it’s those awful factors that keep me persisting.

The main thing I’ve learned about myself in the last decade or so is that it’s better for me not to become purely fixated on one game only. I like to have a small rotation of 2-3 current games I play. The alternative, with only one game was leading to too much stress if that particular game’s development goes in a direction I was not anticipating.

Cya :wave:

I tried my own builds, some successful, some not. I tried content creator builds. Some were good, some not.
All in all, I leveled through the storyline maybe 15 times and in total I have sunk a fair amount of time into the game. The leveling itself wasn’t horrible, or even bad, just “meh” which sort of sums up my whole impression with the game, but endgame being the worst part.

There simply wasn’t anything uniquely good about the game that had me wanting more. Diablo 3 I have played a lot and still do. I have played a number of MMOs as well for an ungodly amount of time,and Lost Ark seems appealing with its mix of both.

I truly wish those of you who remain a nice journey ahead.

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That’s understandable.

I would highly recommend checking the game out again every now and then.

LE is continuously growing and the whole 0.7 and 0.8 patch cycles introduced lots and lots of core features to the game and there are still a lot missing.

Both missing content and polishing existing content will happen inevitably.

I am kinda keen to know mroe about the

Was there no feature of mechanics standing out in LE too you?
Skill Spec Trees?
Passive Trees / possibilty to mix and match different masteries?

I am just genuinely curious.

Also feel free to come back and report how much you enjoyed Lost Arks leveling experience compared to LE.

Even though the core games can’t be really compared that much, I still feel like Lost Ark is super boring, especially early on.

LE has so much more engagment and meaningful progression IMO.

Or you can simply brainafk it and nothing of what you said because you simply brute force through everything if you know what to dodge and what to kill first.

I get the OP and I already said I can’t say why but Monolith is boring me to death and I simply run it through while i wish to have a second monitor to watch something meaningfull like earwax removals or something along these lines.

Empowered Monolith change the game a bit untill you have decent gear and if you ander 400 ish whatever it’s called.

It feels meaningless to me and I even enjoy grifts in D3 more then monolith in LE even when LE offers better stuff if you finish a timeline. I don’t get it and maybe it’s simply not my cup of tea but it’s bland.


If you don’t utilize the systems to the fullest, that’s fine,
maybe you want endgame modes with no player agency, like Rifts in Diablo 3.

But, just because you ignore those mechanics, doesn’t mean Monolith doesn’t have anything to offer.
If you don’t like what it has to offer, thats a different thing though.

I can’t understand why people “brain afk” through MoF, it does not make sense.
Even during normal monoliths, when you “simply want to get through”, more often then not there are at least 2 or 3 different branches/paths you can take.

So even that would not be brain afk’ing through.

Walk to the onjective and kill it the fastest way possible isn’t big brain. I don’t even need to killanything on the way to the objective because they might or might not drop something.

I ran Monoliths planned my way took whenever possible only nodes I want with modifiers I want and played it through. Blindly going outside for more stability to be done with it offered almost the same ammount of gear for my build at the given time.

I don’t understand what people interpred into this gamemode that makes it so good.I’m happy for everyone who likes it but I think if nothing more is offered Monolith will kill LE after a few weeks and only a few hundret players will remain untill seasons start.

So you are complaining about the moment-to-moment gameplay (combat/inside the echo?)
That is good feedback.

Still that is only a small portion of the entire game mode :smiley:

What about the rest of the game mode?
Manipulating rewards?
Manipulating difficulty?

Do you ignore that portion of the game mode?

It sounds like you only play MoF based on “lets take the easiest modifiers and go through the echo web as fast as possible”

Did you ever reached a point, where your goal was not to actually “go through it asap”, but to actual stay within a timeline and maximize your reward?

Because I can say for me personally, that this portion of the game mode, that feels incredible engaging and rewarding.

And it is sooo much worth all the “grind”, that comes before that with revealing as much of the echo web as possible and do echoes, that you are not interested in.