Leave game related bug

When you switch characters by leaving the game there is this quick flash that brings up this screen and it lasts like 0.1-0.2 seconds.

There was another post recently about EHG_Judd coming up on the login screen but the poster had not been able to screenshot it or recreate the error reliably…

I think you have just done both… :wink:

Is the one you’re thinking of & he said he’d been able to recreated it in post #3.

Hadnt read the update… :+1:

Yep this is exactly what I couldn’t get a good screenshot of in my other ticket. Glad someone was fast enough to snag it!

Between the two tickets I think it’s a good amount of detail now. Probably just a hardcoded screen that doesn’t matter, but freaked me out for sure!

Thanks, we’re aware of this issue and have it tracked internally.

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