LE Randomly Rebooting PC

Things I have done.
Player.log (748.2 KB)
DxDiag.txt (105.9 KB)

There is a crash.dmp file in the temp directory btw.

  • memory test: passed
  • nvme test: passed
  • ssd test: passed
  • xmp: disabled
  • cpu temp: 59 max
  • gpu temp: 64 max
  • took headphones out: still instant reboot
  • verified files
  • installed LE from SSD onto my nvme: still randomly reboots
  • updated all drivers including the latest from nvidia.
  • windows is up to date also

ryzen 7 2700x
32g mem
gtx 1070 ti ftw
corsair 850 psu

Here is a dxdiag file and crash that happened on 3/8.
Last night it started with rebooting the pc, no BSOD or anything. Nothing in event viewer except a previous shutdown occurred. Each time I sent into the 1st quest of the monolith it would reboot. No other zones did this. This morning it rebooted before I could even select my char and start game.


Looks like it may be my PSU, even though this game and Lost ARk would be the only ones to crash. I will update in the next several days if it is the PSU or not.

Looks like it was the PSU after all. I noticed my gtx 1070 ti ftw was only pulling around 200w while playing at the most. After purchasing a new PSU my card now pulls 400+ when playing and I have yet to have a reboot or crash.

Hey just a quick message to tell you: THANK YOU!
My PC was shutting down whenever there were too many effects on screens and with a runemaster it became unplayable.
I tried a higer PSU and it was smooth sailing from there.

Check your PSU rating/power people, your GPU can overdraw power

Hey Markowitz,
I’m glad someone found this useful. I spent countless hours trying to figure out what the issue was and in the back of my mind I would always question my PSU, but didn’t think it could be it. My new PSU is giving my GPU what it wants looks like, a good 450-500w at times and not have any problems since.

Have a great day!