LE not sending sound to currently selected windows output

I have two sets of headphones (a wired pair that my kids use when they use my pc to watch youtube & a wireless pair that they use on pain of death, aka confiscation of their consumer electronics) & switch between the two in windows’ sound settings.

It appears that LE is locking the sound device at game start & not respecting any changes made in windows during the game session. If I start the game with one device selected in windows (doesn’t matter which) the sound works fine. If I then change the sound output device in windows mid-session LE still sends its sound to the device that windows had selected at game start which doesn’t sound right (if you’ll pardon the pun).

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I just experienced this bug.
I have a set of headphones (wired) and speakers.
I normally game using the headphones but today I wanted to game with speakers.
I had windows using the headphones when i started the game, so I minimized the game and changed the output device to the speakers.
The game was silent. Restarting the game made it have sound again.

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