LE locks sound output and mixer levels?

encountered a weird problem today during a stream. This is most likely not a bug, more like probably engine-based thing. So i use 3 different sound outputs and a specific sound output for voicechanging mod on stream. Whenever i press a hotkey my voice changes. With LE in background it does not, however. As well as my music has weird low sound level. I have a feeling then once LE loads it “locks” the sound output on it in a way and operates this only output. There are also no sound options present to change any outputs in the game. So first you need to change the output in windows and reload the game again, if you want, for exampple to switch output from internal soundcard to external speakers.
Overall it creates a very weird interactions with my sound software and windows mixer and stuff

It does not happen in any other games so far

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

We’re currently performing a pass on the settings we offer in-game, so this is a fantastic time to have this on our radar. Unfortunately it is too late for us to devise a solution in time for our upcoming Patch 0.7.4, but I’ll discuss this with the team early next week.

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