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LE is not launching, PC is freezed

Hello guys !

I made a fresh install yesterday ; The first launch was crashing the PC ; I saw the splash screen of LE for 1 second, then go back on steam launcher, with the incapacity of doing anything else but restaring the PC. Then I restart all the process, and then succeded to play for an hour.
But, unfortunatly, this morning, all of the crashes were back again, but this time, with no success of playing.
I made a freh install again, check all the files with steam launcher without any good result.
So, I’ m here now :slight_smile:
Please, can you help me ?
Thanks again for this amazing game !
Best regards.
(5.9 KB)
DxDiag.txt (100.2 KB)


There could be various reasons for this.

  • It could be that you are trying to run the game at setttings that are too high for the state of the game and your hardware.
  • It could be some sort of file corruption with your game install or game settings files.
  • It could be driver or OS update related - patches not applied properly, GPU drivers corrupted or not installed correctly.
  • It could be third party apps that are running at the same time.

The player.log you provided simply stops - there are no errors or anything - it just stops. THis usually means that the problem is exeternal to the game or happened before the game could even log anything.

You dont provide your le_graphicsmanager.ini file so I have no idea what settings you are trying but if you are trying to run at 1440p and 144Hz to match your screen you are likely to have issues with higher quality settings and enabled special features.

Your dxdiag shows that your GPU driver is recent - did you install it with a CLEAN install? Upgrade installs dont usually work properly as they dont remove older unneeded files and sometimes dont update existing files correctly.

Your dxdiag also shows that your Win11 is old (around June 2021) and the diagnostics are showing that its unable to patch itself properly. Windows Update Medic Service (WaasMedicFailure2) is unable to repair it either.

If there is a problem with Windows then it could affect everything you do on your system include LE - there may be some underlying subsystem that hasnt been updated and it could be affecting things negatively… Your newer GPU driver may be expecting updated Windows components that are either not installed or corrupted.

I recommend the following:

  1. Resolve the Windows Update problem and update your Windows 11 to more recent patches. You may have to run things like Windows repair or Using System File Checker in Windows.

  2. Reinstall your GPU driver using a CLEAN install or use a utility like DDU.

  3. While the game and steam are not running, remove the le_graphicsmanager.ini file so that the game can reset to default settings on next attempt at launching.

  4. Disable and dont use any other applications while trying to test LE - doesnt matter how irrelevant you think they may be, just temporarily dont use them… This includes disabling Steam Overlay (LE doesnt need it).

Hello and thank you for your quick answer !

I didn’t provide the le_graphicsmanager.ini file because i haven’t one :slight_smile:
When I uninstall LE, I delete everything in the localLow directory. Maybe this wasn’t recommended ?!

I have done everything you told me to do, with no success. I disable windows live protection, I have no programs running, I have done the windows repair, I DDU the NVidia driver, remove the steam overlay.

Except the window’s one, I have no antivirus installed.

Do you have another lead for me?
Thanks again for your help !

So… On steam client, I right click on LE, then “Manage”, then “browse local files”.
I launch the game directly from his directory : double-click on “Last Epoch.exe”.
It has launch the game correctly this time !
I close the game, and go back to Steam : I click on “Play” and it was working fine again.

Maybe I have done something wrong with the localLow by deleting the directory, and the Steam Launcher wasn’t recreating files correctly ?

Hope it won’t crash again ! I’m won’t do anything stupid for the next time ! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help !
Best regards.

Ok… Glad you could get it working… Running it from the exe bypasses Steam so its likely that it replaced the files that you deleted in localLow and that made it work again… hard to say…

You should not delete localLow like that without checking, there are lots of other applications that store data in those subfolders, even Microsoft, not just LE - so I hope you didnt “break” any other application on your machine.

I have exactly same problem today and I didnt delete anything.

Please create your own thread - this thread is closed.

Be sure to include all your files & a description of the exactly what problem you are having
player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini, output of dxdiag report etc… In your OWN thread.
Useful files - Last Epoch Support Hub

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