LE - Amazing game b4 start playing//, Great game when u try it// Good game after 2 weeks playing and finished with all empowered monos finished// Medium game after 1 month 1 patch and nerfs// New features comming will become game in bad?

My feelings with LE are like this.

When u start u love the easier of knowledge curve of game, u enjoy using skills really powerfull and with nearly infinite mana (oposite of all arpgs where start its hard and slow).
U Enjoy crafting system , it brings powerfull weapons to go through history very fast.
But when u go inside game and forward u start having problems , more level u got more boring became game.
Skills that were amazing now suxx cuz arent so powerfull , cuz u need to improve them , but every time u empower a skill u get a cd, or more mana needs, then u go out mana, it should be just oposite of this , when u level u have to win powerfull skills not oposite.
Well u can change them easily and try other builds, and u usually find a good build , but there arent so many options as u thought , perhaps u got 4 o 5 options of skills .
U start enjoying a lot the loot, cuz there is plenty and very craftable, and can have all desired stats, but when u arrive monos u start seeing that mobs becames much more strongers than ure scale of gear. ANd instead of being able to farm better gear u just can farm same gear and craf it. U get nearly the same gear farming empowered monos corruption 200 than corruption 60. Game get much more harder than gear scales. That is a big mistake. I want my gear scaling win same % than dificult raises. Game need to be harder on start, and not so hard on end, or if is hard on end then need to drop rewards granting the dif u are playing.

Then u finish all monos and all empowered monos in 2 weeks with ure main char, with nearly all gear crafted (cuz unikes suxx). And why continue playing? U wont improve nothing or ure chance to improve a 2% suposes same time than raising a char from 1 to 100. When u have finished all empowered monos when u got all desired bufs from blessings , why farming on high corruption spending 4x times for getting 120% more drop, its better to play on corruption 90-100 than 200 for rewarding. And play on 100 its just boring cuz u just need to spam buttons. Doing arenas also havent got rewards. Unikes are shit and no1 farm them.

Then u just can do another char. U start playing then in 2 or 3 days u have finished story and half monos and u start reading post in forums:

LOl , its not gonna be pvp
Its not gonna be trade

What its suposed to do? If farm does not bring better gear cuz crafting system in my opinion is completly broken , why continue playing? wich is the purpose?

Game needs a better rewards system for doing highers dificults.
Game needs pvp, and rewards for wining points in pvp against other players with diferent gear, not usefull on pve
Game needs much more expensive system of rerolling skills (in every patch u can give 2 or 3 respects to every char) but thats all , not free respects for every char whenever he wants .
OR make bosses with 2-3% drop chance of skill respects , or pasives retrainers.
I was very happy when month and half ago i started this game, but every news i read , and comments of devs where game is going, disapoints me a lot.

We started 3 friends, and 2 arent playing after have finished game with first char on lvl 100 .

That is my feeling, and i am sure there will be much more ppl thinking like me.
Sorry for being so critic, but i think this game has oposite curve than other games. in LE u start enjoying, and u finish bored. High end should have more rewards , and more incentives to play , and needs to be more funier than start. Usually on multiplayer games, u enjoy more high end, than creating a toon. Creating a toon has to be a invest to get ure goal.
If there is no trade and pvp, u are limiting what to do when u reach cap level. Players wont farm, cuz they cant trade unwanted stuff. Farm to improve gear slowly its boring and a waste of time for improving nearly nothing.
What devs supose players are gonna do when they have reached lvl 100 and finished all empowered monos and got a good gear and blessings ? Cuz thats its easy. And the time invested to improve a 1 exalted stat +3 stats (t3-5) desireds in every slot gear vs a 2 exalted stats + 2 stats (t3-5) is 5000%. Even if u play on corruption 250 u dont get more chance crafting or getting 2 exalteds desired stats on gear. System of gear rewarding is a big mistake in LE.
U just need 200-300 hours with ure first char to do get 1 exalted (and 3 t 3-5) in every slot , perhaps some slotas with 4 t(5) is better than 1 exalted +3 t4 , and u would need 10.000 hours to have 2 exalteds (with 2 t3-5 stats).

No1 goes more further than 1 exalted in every slot cuz time invest on improve its completly absurd. Then what to do?

In 1 month and half I have looted 1 desired double exalted t7 and perhasps 130-140 desired 1 exalted stat.
And if u risk on double t7 erasing 2 unwanted stats to craft desired stats u have a 76% chance of loose 1 t7. LOL!!!
With 140 exalteds 1t7 desired u got 90% chance of getting 7-8 cool gear piezes, erasing unwanted stats and crafting again till t3-t5 desired stats.

Crafting system is bad designed. A solution could be adding on Gear a resistence on fracture depending on what corruption level u farmed, then reward system would be more fair, and raising corruption lelev would have a reward.

Well i parked my necromancer, and I m gonna play a week more with my new paladin i finished yesterday. I will c if a melee char supose a new challenge, and if all its the same i will give up as my friends did. Almost till i find a new system with funier things to do on high end.

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I would just like to say that LE is in early access. As such, this is a beta version where most people are playing to learn the mechanics as well as locating and reporting bugs/things in game to help assist in making the final release work as it’s intended.
I would like to direct you here. More end-game systems are coming. There are still things to look forward to. Even if this isn’t quite up-to-date you can still see that this company is still working on a lot of things. Example here. Don’t lose faith! Stick around man. Follow the companys channel on Twitch here. As well you can look at the schedule and see that almost every Friday, they plan to stream a gameplay and Q&A. Sometimes they will show teasers on something new and really exciting. Good luck, have fun and stay safe traveler.

Well, this is how all ARPG works no?

If you mean unrestricted trading, it will accelerate your time needed to perfect your character. Now you only need a week to full power and boredom instead of 2 weeks.

It is in the plan. Game is in beta.

No ARPG at the moment have a properly working PvP system. If LE can do it, then great but it is not a valid criticism if there is no working PvP.

I get where you are coming from with this. But, in my opinion, this is how ARPG are. i have played D2, D3, PoE, GD, TQ , LE. All of them at end game become a tedious grind. Some people will enjoy the grind, some don’t and we cannot satisfy all of them.

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This describes literally every game, especially ARPGs. The amount of time you’re playing per day would have to be very high if you’ve burned through every single piece of content and maximized your character in only two weeks. People who play to that excess are outliers, and should have enough experience with games and gaming to know better.

No it doesn’t. PVP is either an afterthought or a poison to every ARPG it’s been implemented in. LE is already great without it and would only be made worse with it.

I cannot disagree with this more. LE has found a good balance of not having infinite freedom without making a desire to try new things on an existing character feel punishing and tedious.

Everything I’m reading in your post makes it sound like LE is fundamentally not a fit for the kind of player that you are. I think you would benefit from learning to better distinguish between “This game is bad” and “This game is made for players with different tastes and goals”.

Well, thats sure but i am a player with taste similar as 90% of masive multiplayer hack and slash videogames, and I thought devs aspiration with this game was to be lider of hack &slash videogames.

Of course if this game is maden for a minority with a small comunnity of players is not for me . i like massive games with maximum users and maximum potencial. I also play D3, fortnite, Dota , COD, PUBG, and i willplay D2R in 5 days.

I know LE is not fortnite or Dota or LOL , but i thought intention of devs was to get some % of multiplayer games, but if devs just want 2 make a very specific game for a small minority then continue in the same direction of course. I just was traying to coment my feelings and for sure feelings of majority of players. I am very old and 47 (and i ve been playing videogames 42-43 years) i know i dont represent all the players of the world but probably i am near of 15 years played (in videogames) and i can ensure that any mp game without pvp and trade has never been a reference of nothing. And has never been in any top list of most played games in any category. Of course there is hundred of games with much better quality , fun and design that are amazing and they dont got pvp and trade , but 95% of them have closed servers and lost all users cuz they try to be a specific game for a minority.

I hope this does not happen with LE , but if devs just listen opinions of users will happen for sure, games need to be comercials , and they need to have what most ppl is interested, not have particular things for minority of interests.

I would advise a quick google search of the word “niche.” When you create a product, you appeal to a particular niche, not some hodge-podge of what random people think is best. Everyone has their idea of what they want, if they tried to fit all that they’d end up fitting none of it.

While I would like to emphatize with you since we both and everyone in this forum want LE to be a success, I would have to say that LE is never meant to be an MMO. At most it will be MultiPlayer ARPG. Hence, we have to set our expectation appropriately here. That would mean reasonable drop rate, reasonable time to max level, trade with friction, grindy, repeated endgame, limited Multiplayer and perhaps non-core PvP. Those are the common features of all the ARPG out there (both the successful and unsuccessful one). LE has plans for all the above mentioned features so I would say that EHG has planned to appeal to the majority of ARPG player rather than the minority. I can’t say if LE in the future will be major player in the genre(I hope so) but neither can you prophesize that LE will be a flop if the devs do not bend to your whims.

What the heck…?
→ You can also play games simply because they are fun, it’s not always just about efficiency.

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Don’t forget challenge.

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