Hello, i can’t play coz of LE-65 error, i was playing before launch and even on launch couple days it was fine and i never seen this error before, i’am lvl 100 already so i spend a lot of time in game and it was ok i doubt this issue is on my side, but i can’t play for last 3 days coz of le-65, sometimes it let me in, but right after i stuck in “infinity loading screen”, please at least tell me that you are doing something about it.
P.S. I tryed VPN (NordVPN), with it i don’t have le-65 error but i still can’t get in the game coz of “infinity loading screen” after i press “enter game”

There is an issue with NordVPN and loading into the game. If I used NordVPN then I get the infinite loading screen. When I don’t use it and use another VPN provider (Mullvad or Proton) or none at all the game loads fine. NordVPN and this game don’t play nice for some reason.

I mean, like i said when i don’t use VPN at all i’am getting LE-65 error, i wont buy enother vpn just to play a game, it’s even sounds ridiculous, looks like server is blocking some providers or something, and it’s started couple days ago.According to discord i’am not the only one who have this problem (not many but still) and we not getting any response.Something like “we’re into it, just wait” would be enough…

They’re most certainly blocking some providers and I believe it has something to do with their anti-spam policies within their firewall rules. They probably have a table of IP’s that are being blocked and since NordVPN is the largest VPN provider in the world it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re blocking a large chunk of those IP’s by default. They may not even be aware that the filter is in place.

I thought the infinite loading screen only happened when you used a VPN. My bad.

All I know is that it’s a repeatable test that gives me 100% the same result every time I use NordVPN. If it’s connected then the game simply won’t go past the loading screen. Remove that element and everything is fine.

So I’m pointing fingers are their firewall rules or some other anti-spam system.

It’s an issue with their system and other IPS. I had this problem when the Severs first came online and couldn’t play till a few days before launch. I thought it was fixed for 1.0 but it seems to be back. the only workaround for this if they don’t fix it is to play with a VPN. which I would rather not do. It’s a shame that this issue still keeps cropping up.

Yeah I can only play offline until they fix this. Not the way I wanna play but it is a good game if they can just get these server issues fixed.

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