LE-52 Error since I bought the game. Haven't been able to play

I’ve checked everywhere & it appears I’m not the only one with this issue but there seems to be no fix or even a reply acknowledging the issue. I bought it on Steam, verified the files, turned my firewall off, reset my PC, checked my internet connection, checked for server outages. I’m not seeing the issue on my end.


I have same problem and many people too

Also have this problem. It’s pretty wild to imagine this could even be an issue

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Same here!

Having this issue as well. Tried everything that the tech support posted and still not connecting.

Same… I’ve tried everything listed here above and more. More info: My friend has the same ISP as me, lives 10-15ish minutes from me, he logs in just fine. I’ve also tried my mobile hotspot, which failed as well. I just bought the ultimate edition hours ago and have yet to play the game.

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Same issue here. I tried restarting game, restarting steam, restarting pc, restarting router, vpn connection. Nothing worked so far. Still having the same issue (LE-52).

My two friends and I bought the game today and we are experiencing the same bug.

just bought the game having the exact same issue.

Same, I just bought it and can’t play! I will wait a little bit before asking for a refund, but please fix this fast. I have tried restarting Steam, restarting computer, validating game files, reinstalling, all common troubleshooting typical things.

I just gifted the ultimate bundle of this to a friend and they are having the same issue

I just got my new MSI laptop w/I9 , 32 Gr, and 4060 video card an still having the same issue.

Same here… just brought the game today and getting the LE-52 Error each time.

It would appear that the main thing the LE-52 error has in common is new players. Is anyone having this error that is not new? (Just thinking outload)

I am having the same issue…

i am also having the same issue just bought the game and cant connect to the online server.