LE-52 Error - 03/13/2024

Hello Travelers.

We are aware of an issue causing new accounts to encounter an LE-52 error upon trying to enter character creation/login for the first time. Existing accounts and characters are not affected. We are investigating and will provide an update within one hour.

Latest Update

Update 2024-03-14T03:24:00Z :
We’ve released a small client update to fix the LE-52 for new accounts - Patch If you are experiencing this issue, please restart steam and download the patch. Thank you for your patience.

Previous Updates

Update 2024-03-14T02:24:00Z :
We have a strong lead on the issue which we are currently pursuing. We will check back in with another update within the next hour.


Good Luck and Godspeed

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I have an existing account with a lvl 98 and I can’t even enter the game from the character screen. It’s not giving me any error codes. It just “blinks” for a second then nothing happens. Is this related? I reported this with the bug report feature. This is in offline too.

That does not sound related no. That sounds like the game is crashing trying to load. Try checking your log files to see if they contain more information: https://support.lastepoch.com/hc/en-us/articles/1260805192629-The-Game-s-Log-File

– If you haven’t tried verifying the game files through Steam, that’s always a great first step as it resolves a significant number of problems.


I have an existing account with 3 chars lvl 90-100 and i get the error messsage and cannot enter.
edit: was able to log in on the second try.

Sounds like you’re in the wrong thread, friend. But it looks like you are definitely not alone.

I am getting the LE-52 error on my account with 126 hours logged.

My friend has over a week now not been able to play due to constant crashing - has sent player log - when is this being fixed?

no, im not. the op stated that it only affects NEW players. im not new and was affected by it too…

I purchased the game yesterday and this morning I was able to create my first character but now I’m getting the LE-65 error. Not sure if this is related or not.

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LE-52 error still happening for me every time a patch is released. 57 hours played. Only thing that seems to fix is resetting router, but that’s not 100%, and frankly, I’m getting frustrated doing it every time I want to play the game.

RE LE-52 error on login attempt - still unable to connect to regular game and have not been able to connect since buying game. Offline works fine but sometimes it takes 3-4 minutes to start game. Did ipconfig /dnsflush but no change - rebooted PC, restarted Steam, etc, but no luck. Game says it is running version Any ideas?

Having this issue today

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Having this issue even seconds ago.

RE LE-52 error on login attempt

I have received an LE-52 Error as well. I cannot for the life of me log into my account. my online characters don’t show at all when I can log in