Hey guys,

i got massive problems. First my character just vanished without a reason. After i replaced all my save files from cloud i get now the LE-51 bug when i try to login. I send a ticket to support but i hope i can find someone who solved this issue.

(Windows 10 64-bit)

Just want my character back and be able to play! Please help!

(reinstalled the game, erased any data, disasbled cloud saving, try to start without files, verify the per steam, connected my account to steam on website, erased all my save files, reloaded save files from steam library etc.)

EDIT - 06.03.2024: I createad a new steam account and bought a new copy of the game just for the sake of testing. On this account i can play and everything is alright. So my “main” account is the problem. I don´t know why or how this happend. :frowning:

Hello!!! I can´t use my main account for 8 days now and still now answer to my ticket and here!? THATS quite rude! I payed for this game twice. Please help!

Still no reply… PLEASE help!