[LE-51] a unknown error occured

Here to echo the LE-51 problem, disconnecting after roughly 20 minutes or so of play for the first time. This is after requiring a VPN connection to play with someone else on the same network (if only one of us is connected, online play works, but prevents the other from connecting). Was able to reconnect after a game restart.

Which means saying goodbye to the past record.
although it is a blank account, at least I can play the game.Thanks

Still can’t log in. LE-51 roughly 4 days in.

I just purchased the game today on steam. Was looking forward to trying it, but when it asks me to create a user name, I get this error. Now I’m thinking I should just refund it, and wait until they get the game in working order.

This ‘‘fix’’ does not work and is misleading.

Hello, same problem here. Played Beta 0.85, the Multiplayer test and now 0.9. Didn’t experience any Connection issues. Now after the Bug fix patch today I get LE-51. One more bug patched into the game. Pls fix.

Have the same log in issue from character selection. The login hangs and then looks like it times out. The only way I have figured out to solve this is to use the Norton uninstall tool, with a restart, launch the game and it will get past character selection. This is the only game I have to do this on.

Same LE-51 error instantly when i try to play offline and then it puts me in queue but still gives me error and just hangs

Been trying to get past the create display name screen every day since I’ve bought the game, but the LE-51 error pops every time. None of the “fixes” work (there is no save file when you can’t make it past the first screen), and I have yet to hear back from customer support on the issue.

I finally managed to get past the create display name screen by just bombarding it with a ton of random names. So if anyone is stuck at the display name screen, make a long list of names you’re ok with, then just go down the list until you get past the LE-51 boss.

RIP my T23 perfect dagger with T7 Phys damage, T6 Crit multi, T5 Armor shred and T5 Frailty. I really wished I screenshoted it .

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This topic should not have a solution … Still something that happens! I played fine for days without ever seeing LE-51 and todays the first day. We need a fix …

Same erorr here since this patch , can not play online or offline we need this sorted ASAP ,

And STILL NO JOY seems devs either can not or do not want to fix this maybe you should start giving refunds to those of us who can not play your game

2 weeks later and still can’t log in. I uninstalled/reinstalled. Still getting LE-51 Error. Support stopped replying to my emails.

Getting this error now after the patch today played all of the last two days no problem now i cant at all.

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