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Launcher messing up when I try to log in each time (Forcedchaos)

I am having this same issue and I see other threads on these forums with this issue as well but was told on Discord “haven’t heard of this happening much” obviously not true. Everytime I go to the launcher it re downloads the game. I have lost 40 GB on my 250gb ssd (that hurts) because I have downloaded the game 4 TIMES! Spent hours already getting rid of it and I’m still about 20gb short.

What a convoluted way you all have made to download and launch this game. Why not put a desktop icon on your computer like every other game in the world does when you download it and just be able to click download on the website and just do it without having to mess with all this file crap? I haven’t even played yet! Should have waited until Beta and gotten it from Steam $50 wasted! Windows 10 64 bit. Internet explorer to extract it and I use firefox as my web browser.

@Forcedchaos Before I comment on anything else, I am going to make one request: please do not accuse someone of dishonesty. It doesn’t contribute to you getting the best help possible; the accusation merely suggests we are operating in bad faith. Please do not do this.

You mention using Internet Explorer; I would not recommend this. Download the .zip archive, then right-click on it and choose Extract All… and select a directory. The problem shouldn’t occur if the files are properly extracted, and it sounds like this isn’t the case currently.

I’d also advise performing the initial install by right-clicking on Launcher.exe and choosing Run as Administrator. This shouldn’t be necessary, but can help prevent permissions issues.

Separating the two conversations into different threads for the sake of clarity.

We’re investigating this issue but we have not been able to properly identify the issue yet due to a lack of information. Can you please run the launcher again and then upload your output_log file from AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\LastEpochLauncher, as well as a DxDiag report? These two files will help us solve the issue for you-- this isn’t happening for every player so we need to first find out why it’s happening.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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It’s old threat i know but i have reminded myself that i had the same problem first time downloading content.

It turn out my internet security program Comodo put it on isolation list automatically because i don’t like sudden pop ups messages. I had to add Luncher to trusted programs. Next download went normally and it works without any problems since.

Thanks for letting us know, DNT!

I see Comodo aren’t listed in our support article about this; I’ll correct that later today.

Done! Thanks again, @DNT.

As this thread has gone over a month without an update I’m going to lock it. Please feel free to open a new thread if you still need help and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.