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Last Minute Technical Issues

Edit: This thread will be locked so that it’s easy to find updates from us.

Please post any discussion / criticism in this thread. Thanks!

Hi everyone!

We’re working through some last minute technical problems.

We’ll have an update to share with you in 15 minutes.


Due to the unforeseen technical issues we are rescheduling our launch. The current ETA is four hours from now. Very sorry about this!


If you have purchased a pack that contains Beta access, learn how to play on Steam here.

If you’re using the standalone client and are up to date, you will be able to login after restarting it. To download the standalone client, go here. Thanks for your patience!


Hi everyone!

We’ve got a backlog of support requests we’re working through as quickly as we can. Apologies for this thread not being updated earlier. We’re getting everything done as quickly as possible.