"Last Epoch.x86_64" is not responding

Hey there,

yesterday i found out this game supports linux which made me swap back to it :slight_smile:

Iam currently runnin Pop!_OS 20.10 and i start the game with Steam, whenever it launches i get a “Last Epoch.x86_64” is not Responding Error.

The weird thing is, sometimes it just works after waiting a few seconds/minutes.
But not always… and even if it does, its kinda annoying, so my question:
Is there anything i can do about it?

Also, i realized all my characters are gone, does this game only saves locally? And how do i get my save files to another computer then?

PS: I love this game and the fact it supports Linux! <3

Thanks in advance

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Yes… There are plenty of people that are enjoying playing on Linux… I dont play on Linux, but as I understand it, it plays fairly well, although it does suffer most of the same performance issues that the Windows users have so best to be conservative in general game settings etc.

The delay doesnt sound that familiar to other linux related problems… maybe @wast3d can chip in here… (he/she/they uses Linux if I recall). Usually timeouts like this on WIndows are problems with authentication etc but if you say its eventually working then this is probably something different.

Characters are currently all offline and local to your machine - when the multiplayer features launch, then we will all have offline and online characters - entirely separate. Online chars will be stored by EHGs in the cloud… Offline will work as they do now… Not sure how well it works on Linux Steam, but cloud saves might help for offline use in the meanwhile - especially if you are playing on different systems regularly…


Good question i don’t have heard of this issue. But there are few things that may help:

  1. Check with your package manager if your PopOs/ other software is up to date
  2. Try with or without forcing Steam Linux Runtime in the compatibility settings of LE in Steam Library.
  3. Close steam and start it through a terminal/ console:
    • ‘steam -console’ without the ’ to open steam and redirect its output to the terminal
    • now start the game and lookout for any error message or stuff that could be related to your issue

like Vapo already mentioned, the saves are local on your PC until MP gets added. If you have Steam Cloud enabled then your Chars are also there, if the saves didn’t got downloaded from the cloud, you can get them manually through your browser.

Are you using dualboot? If yes and you plan to play regularly on both OS you can think about installing the ntfs-progs/ntfs-tools or how ever the package is named in your distro’s package repo so you can mount the windows partition from linux to easyly manage your saves and lootfilters. Steam cloud should then be deactivated to get ahead any possiple issues that can appear and you should then backup your saves manually.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Edit: forgot to mention that you also could try with verifying the games files through steam

Thanks for your help!
Sadly nothing changed, but the ntfs package is a great idea :slight_smile:

There are no Errors in the Steam Console, everything is up to date, the files are validated and the compatibility settings wont change it either.

But it seems to always work if i just wait, maybe the times i thought it completely crashed i just was not patient enough? It almost seem like theres no error at all but my os thinks its not responding during the initial loading screen.

If it stays like that i think i can live with it, no difference if i see “Loading” or “Error” i have to wait in both situations ^^

Thanks for that little trick… Hate steam cloud so I never bothered to see if you could do this but it will potentially help other people that are having savegame issues. :+1:

This might not be anything, but on Windows there is also a bit of a pause when first loading up the game and waiting for the button to appear to login… I have found that if I alt tab to something else instead of waiting with the game in foreground, then LE will sometimes get the “application has stopped responding, close or wait for it” message… If I then chose to wait, LE recovers and everything is fine… . Perhaps something similar is happening on Linux… Obviously no clue if this helps anything tho…

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