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If you posted youtube guide and it doesn’t show up in build list, please make sure that it’s properly tagged and there’s a mention that it’s a build guide in video title / description.

Maybe it is not a bad idea to provide a list of keywords you need for parsing so guide authors can follow the convention rules when providing tags for their builds? That info could be shown in the builder itself under the INFO button / tab or something.

Maybe, but it’s not what “I need for parsing” (all essential build data that you see in build list is extracted directly from build planner, there’s no need in anything else), but rather what community needs as extra info / filtering option. However once again I assume this will be available only for a portion of all builds, like 15-20%, so it might be not that useful, but it’s just a guess.

Let’s face it there 's only 4-5 major guide writers atm and if you provide a list of tags you need to properly parse builds they will certainly learn about that very soon and add such tags to their guides. At least I hope that will soon become a common practice among guide authors. At least basic tags like a ‘mono 100 viable and tested’ ‘HC viable’ , ‘Build in progress’ and so on

Well, I don’t mind at all if people will add certain tags to their builds.

The problem is that I don’t have free time to play the game that much, so personally I don’t understand why “mono 100 viable” is a basic tag. So I’ll repeat myself – I don’t need “a list of tags to properly parse builds”, because I can parse any tags if there are any at all and it’s up to the community and build makers to decide on these tags, if there’s some list of tags, I’ll gladly parse it.


Crawlers now can find the most appropriate build planner link if there are many links in a build guide, the priority is as follows: latest game version, then max level, and if all of the above is equals then the first mentioned in build guide. All existing build guides were updated accordingly.

Edit: All leveling builds now also show up in build list.

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Wow, this is really impressive, amazing job! I seen you also added this functionality to the Grim Dawn site as well.

I might have missed it, but you should make a mention of the loot filter option for the builds somewhere in the original post. It’s a seriously awesome feature that many people might miss, and I don’t see it mentioned in this post anywhere so far.

Also, just want to thank you for both the Last Epoch and Grim Dawn sites! They have made both games much more enjoyable.

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I’ve mentioned loot filter here, although not sure that’s helpful. Perhaps I should just make it more obvious in the build planner itself.

Yeah it is kind of tucked away on the site, on the other hand it fits the overall design of the site pretty well. If I remember right, I found out about that feature because of the little red dot on it.

Might also eventually be nice to get some help tooltips on hover for the three options at the bottom of the filter screen. Some short info to explain when each option could be helpful.

All LE Tools (builds, planner, item database) had their mobile experience improved. I’ve made layout of all tools responsive and experience in general should be better both on tablets and mobile phones. All views are not zoomed out as before, which was weird to begin with, now viewport is adapted to device width and you can scroll the content instead.

Please keep in mind that there’s not enough space on mobiles to have the same experience as on desktop, so you’ll have to scroll/pan in all tools to view the content, there’s no workaround for that without complete revamp of tools layout (this is especially difficult for build planner).

There were a lot of fixes made to build planner, on mobiles and tablets you can now scroll all views, remove invested points in skill trees and passive.

I know that new mobile experience is not ideal, but in my opinion it’s better than before. Feel free to post any bugs or suggestions.


Very useful info, now I can take a look and try different builds. And find something for myself.
Thanks a lot !!!

I’ve added couple more filters to Builds section.

You can now find beginner, leveling and hardcore build guides, as well as filter by source type (Last Epoch Forums or YouTube).


You need words "Hardcore’, ‘HC’, ‘beginner’ or ‘levelling’ in the guide title for you to parse guides properly to be included in those new sections?

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Hi, this is great work!

If I may wish for a feature, it would be a like button for builds and the functionality to sort by like / new / trending etc.

Yep, that correct, I’ll add it to opening post.

I intend to add sorting options in future. Currently they are sorted by date from newest to oldest.

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Another suggestion…

With all the older builds still active and the upcoming 0.8.4 release (making substantial changes to the game)… Maybe you could include a more prominent warning in the build planner when the builds loaded reference an old version of the game…

In some instances, skills etc may have changed and loading an old build is no longer valid - your planner doesnt fail, but the skill trees are borked or updated item implicits no longer make sense etc… e.g. just load any older build with the previous version of Lunge.

Just a thought…

Yep, that’s a valid point. And support of older builds is in my backlog. However I’m still figuring out how to tackle this — either by providing full support for older builds (using old game data or an option to switch to it), or a more prominent warning, or a notice in case skill tree links are broken and there are missing connections between node, or maybe some sort of combination of those.

I’d go for the “Take note” warning for anything within a patch or two of current and a “Watch Out” for anything older…

The game is going to iterate quite a few more times before things like this become stable and supporting old versions is just going to be wasted effort on your part (imho) and add complexity to your efforts…

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