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Yeah, I fixed the issue, thanks!

Thanks for the report, there was a bug in logic which caused a similar issue for idol affixes, it’s fixed now.

Thanks for the report, this bug is fixed now.

Set Elemental affixes are working correctly in character sheet, but both Set Necro & Poison and Set Physical & Void affixes are not.

Also, if you add items to the gear planner and decide to change the Mastery to one that falls within the same class (Beastmaster to Shaman, for example) the character sheet will retain the stats of the previous items that have been wiped from the planner. Selecting a different class (like Sorcerer, for example) will wipe the character sheet, as expected.

EDIT: It appears switching any type of class/Mastery a second time will reset the character sheet. The first change of either the class or Mastery will not wipe the character sheet.

Both issues were fixed.

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When you open the Passives, it says 117 Unspent Points. Currently, I believe it should be 113 total passive points, 98 from leveling (lvls 3-100) plus 15 from mission rewards. Though, it was 117 total passive points prior to patch 0.7.10 which removed 4 missions that granted passive point rewards.

I hope I’m not bothering you. I’m really enjoying this build calc and all the hard work that went into it. I imagine I’ll be spending as much time with it as I did with your GrimTools calc.

Thank you for this tremendous resource!

Yeah, I didn’t actually check how many points there really are, this number is taken from game data, but there was a bug in calculation which is fixed now.

Feel free to post any other issues you find, all feedback is appreciated.

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Fan f**king tastic… Thanks Dammit!

Finally had some time to test build planner, here are some findings so far:


  • Stats from attributes in gear are not added to other stats (dex->dodge rating, int->ward retention etc)
  • weapon base attack rate is not added to Increased Melee Attack Speed stat
  • Minion Critical Strike Multiplier affix (Primalist) is not added to Critical Strike Multiplier stat under Minion tab
  • Minion Critical Strike Chance suffix is not added to Critical Strike Chance stat under Minion tab
  • Minion Physical Damage prefix is not added to Increased Physical Damage stat under Minion tab
  • Unique mods that have no range are using it anyway with invalid values. Couple examples:
    – Boneclamor Barbute adds 15%-15000% necrotic resistance (should be 15%)
    – Xithara’s Conundrum adds -100%-0% less Damage Leeched as Health (should be -100%)


  • You can sometimes have nodes selected without required nodes before it, for example Shift: Take nodes Velocity (3), Momentum (2), Shift Recovery (2), you can now remove Velocity nodes.
  • Can’t always remove nodes. For example Summon Skeleton: If you take unholy rage (or any node next to root node), you can’t remove the point.


  • if you select affixes before item, you can add affixes for wrong class


  • Would be nice to have flags to check stats in different modes, e.g. “While Transformed”, “While at Low Health” etc
  • Because melee and spell are almost always hits, I’d like to see Melee/Spell Health Leech on hit stat. Currently there is more generic Melee/Spell Health Leech which doesn’t include common affixes like Damage Leeched as Health on Hit.
  • Tooltip on empty blessing slot telling which timeline it is

Funtastic. Still, no easy way to calculate total skill damage ?
Plus, got this question for long time…
Does multiplicative bonuses from the same skill tree (but different nodes) multiply themselves or Add ? What i mean, if i got one skill node which gives +50% more damage multiplicative, picking second, different one with also +50% multi -> 1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25x (225%) multiplier
or its calculated 50%+50% = +100% (2.0x) dmg multiplier ?
It would be nice to know if picking 2 different nodes instead of maxing one is better :slight_smile:

All of these are fixed.

This one as well.

The rest will be fixed later, I’ll add a note about node removal in known issues.
Thanks for the feedback!

P.S. damn, you can’t edit first post in your thread after some time, I guess I’ll move away from forums then and post updates somewhere else.

Another thing that would be nice is if you could toggle on/off things like whether you’re channelling, whether you’ve killed/been hit/etc recently as there are a number of passives & skill effects that are based around that (eg, Battle Hardened in the Forge Guard tree, you get phys resist & % armour for 4s when hit).

Does this project have an opensource GitHub by any chance? I would love to download the project and see if I can add any useful PRs (especially to the item DB interface).

Damn! A lot of work! Good job!

You’d probably best ask @Dammitt about that since he’s the only one that will know.

I tried entering some basic regex stuff but couldn’t seem to get it to return any result? How should I go about entering regex? I want to basically use it to filter out stuff.

Hopefully @Dammitt will respond :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ll add this feature in future.

No, it’s not open source. If you have any suggestions for UI improvements, feel free to post them.

Regex should be entered as /regex/, e.g. /(bow|melee) damage/.