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[Last Epoch Tools] Build Planner

Last Epoch Build Planner

The site currently works in all modern browsers, Chrome, FF, Opera, Edge. Old versions of IE are not supported for obvious reasons.


  • If the planner doesn’t load at all, make sure that hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser (somewhere in browser settings), it’s needed for webgl rendering
  • All tooltips can be scrolled via mouse wheel if its content doesn’t fit page height
  • When uploading character from save file, the values you see in character stat sheet in the game and in planner differ, because planner shows average values (by default, you can switch to min/max), not actual rolls
  • Bonuses from passive aren’t accounted for in character stat sheet
  • Skill trees / passives on mobiles are not very usable right now, mobile support will be added in future
  • Changing class / mastery resets everything, not only stuff that’s invalid (e.g. when changing mastery, only old mastery should reset and points invested in it should be refunded) – QoL change to fix that will be coming later

Known issues

  • Loaded Quiver node in Detonating Arrow tree is broken, hopefully it will be fixed in the game, cause it’s set up oddly
  • Skill info in tooltips might look odd for some skills, you can report such stuff and I’ll look into it

General info

This tool allows your to customize any aspect of your character, including selecting equipment, idols, blessings, skill specializations, passives and skills in the hotbar. It allows to see all character stats calculated based on your choices. Basically you can do virtually anything related to character build that you can do in the game itself, so it provides unlimited theorycrafting possibilities. You can always see current game version at the top right corner as well as "build version", the version of game for which the build was created.

Character window (Shortcut key: C)

You can view all character items by hovering over them, the tooltip can be scrolled using mouse wheel. The interface is exactly the same as in game, so you should be familiar with it. All character stats are updated automatically when you change items, idols, blessings (and passives in future).

All stats are calculated for average values by default, but you can change it to min or max via selector at the bottom of stat sheet.
Currently character sheet accounts for bonuses ONLY from equipment, idols and blessings. There’s no easy way to obtain necessary data from passives due to how it’s set up in the game, and I don’t really like to hardcode stuff, but hopefully this will be added eventually.

Hotbar and RMB skills

As you can see, there's a hotbar at the bottom of character screen. The UI is the same as in the game, you are able to select skills from the pool of skills that are currently unlocked.

Character equipment

For each equipment slot you can select item, up to two prefixes and up to two suffixes. For each idols slot you can select idol itself and both prefix and suffix (these are mandatory), when clicking on a cell in idol grid, you'll be presented with the choice of idol categories (sizes) that can fit in that grid position accounting for space to the right and below it. You can also select a blessing for each of currently available timelines.

The block on the left, that displays currently selected item stats, can be scrolled using mouse wheel, it might be not obvious at first sight :confused:
Search is the same as in Item Database, so you can use wildcards, search by regular expressions etc.
[Esc] can be used to quickly close the window and cancel any changes
All in-game restrictions are in place: e.g. you can’t select affixes for uniques/set items, or select items/affixes that are not available for current character class.

Skill tree window (Shortcut key: S)

It basically has the same exact UI as in the game, so there's not much to explain here. Except it shows skill info (damage, scaling, range etc) values for all skills. Tooltips can be scrolled via mouse wheel.

Left click on node adds 1 point, right click removes 1 point
[Shift] + click on skill button adds/removes maximum number of points.

Passives window (Shortcut key: P)

Once again it has the same UI as in the game.

Loading character from save file

The tool has a nice feature that allows you to upload your character, sparing you the trouble of selecting all equipment / skills etc, this might be really handy for those who like to share their actual game builds. "Upload" button is located at the top of left bar. Depending on whether you have cloud saves enabled, your save files can be found in one of two locations:

If you have cloud saves enabled your character files will be in folder:

[STEAM_GAME_FOLDER]/steamapps/userdata/[STEAM_USER_ID]/899770/ac/WinAppDataLocalLow/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Saves/

Otherwise they will be in folder (this folder is hidden by default, you should enable option to show hidden files in your system; if you don’t know how to, just google it):

[DRIVE]:/Users/[USER_NAME]/AppData/LocalLow/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Saves

If you upload a character, all his passive skill points and skill tree points will be uncapped, meaning that they’ll be set to maximum available values, including bonus points from quests. This was made to allow further theorycrafting even if you haven’t haven’t finished quests that rewards bonus skill points.

Sharing your build

After you've finished customizing your character, you can share it by clicking on the share button on the left bar (second from the top). After the build is uploaded you will be given a link to share the build.

This tool is built automatically from game resources.

I have a patreon account, so you can support me there if you want:

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions and bug reports.


You are a star!
Edit: I think it might be nice to have a button for the skills & passives that you don’t need to click on a different button to get to though (unless I’ve missed something) & maybe put the passive tree in the middle of the page instead of to the side (it looks a bit odd to me on my second monitor that’s to the side of my main one)?

Ahhhh shizz. Its here.

Man, all the years playing with Grim Dawn Tools…now this masterpiece. Really appreciate the work!

As with Grim Tools, stellar work! Increased my donation. Everyone who doesn’t know, give dammit some love on patreon!


You are the best man. Have been excited for this for a long time keep up the great work buddy!

Just Amazing. Kids get their excitement when opening presents at Christmas…Grown up´s get it when Dammitt makes tools for our games

Gonna go sign up for the Patreon right away

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You are a god among men. Much appreciated amigo

This is excellent. Been using Grim Tools forever and nice to see a Last Epoch tool. The only issue I have had is changing character level from 100 to something else doesn’t change the Level number. The stats change accordingly but the level number doesn’t change to what you enter.

That and the database that the tools use is missing a bunch of affixes from gear.

Can you be more specific? An example perhaps?

The issue with level not being updated in UI is fixed.

Idol affixes for sure are missing. In-game I have a Stout Lagonian idol with 5% increased health and +22 health (Vigorous Stout Lagonian Idol of Life). You cant make that in this build planner.

No, the affixes are there, you can see them in db -

I suppose your problem is the fact that you have legacy gear, because such prefix/suffix combo for this particular item type is not possible for any class currently, but perhaps it was possible in the past. Build planner and item db don’t support legacy stuff and probably never will - for example GT never supported legacy gear and there weren’t any complaints tbh, so I don’t see any reason to support it in LE tools.

If there’s any stuff missing, please post your findings.

Saw this on stream, apparently you can’t add Chance To Shred Armour on Hit on 2h weapon with planner (even though it should be possible)

I only started playing since 0.8b, I havent gone through the patch notes that thoroughly but I guess if they removed it since then then youre right

Hope I didnt miss a comment about this, but the set resistance (lightbringer/purifier) dont add up in character sheet

May be known, but doesn’t seem like set affixes are calculated on the sheet at all.

Thank you for all the work you have put into this as well.

I just wanted to add an addendum to my original post. I hope dammit takes this as the praise it is meant to give as well as the praise to the target of this particular comment.

  1. Shameless plug to the major content creators/streamers on here. This just made your ability to theory/post builds soooooooo much easier. Please give him some love. :smiley:
  2. That said, you content creators/streamers are friggin awesome. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not stop posting the WHY of your builds now that it is going to be real easy to just slap up a link. I LOVE the depth you all go into with your build breakdowns. Please keep doing this.

It appears to be the Required Class requirement on those Stout Idols (same on the Small & Small Lagonian Idols) that is causing the issue here. A Stout idol with a % Increased Health prefix and an Added Health suffix can drop in-game, but the class requirements make it impossible to combine the two in the Build Planner.

As far as I know, there is no class requirement for any of the Prefixes or Suffixes on these types of idols in-game, unlike the other idol types (Grand, Large, Ornate, Huge, and Adorned Idols) which are truly class specific.