Last Epoch Roadmap

Because that is so easy in every other game. It’s like saying that if someone’s depressed that they should just feel happy. :roll_eyes:

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Truth to be told, it’s more like giving the patient pills that work for a week, until the depression as a bad faith actor found a way around it. Encrypt the save files, and the players will use memory manipulation pretty soon.

There might be some intrusive methods like implanting a chip that controls all your memory, so any depressing thought will be detected and countered while sniffing in your privacy some more for good measure (anti-cheat tools, s**t like xigncode).

Without constant countermeasures, cheaters have always prevailed in the eternal struggle to stop them. Specifically targeting offline players is a waste of time.

If they want to delay pinnacle bosses for SP and legacy for that reason until it was defeated in cycle… well, I don’t particularly like it, but I understand and accept the idea behind it.

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Being completely honest - after hanging around this forum for 3-4 years on/off posting about my hopes for the games release…

now that the game released to a mega plethora of known bugs and the worst release of all time (not joking) I actually completely forgot about LE

PoE 1 is all but dead and on life support atm. Its all PoE2 now even though it looks dogshit

Diablo 4 has pulled off a jesus christ and resurrected itself from the dead, I cant believe how much more fun D4 is now…I just did 3 level hundreds, played about 7-8 builds over 2 classes over 3 weeks and stopped to play V-Rising

Also to point out d4 has basic respecing like LE but since there is only 1 class… respecing your whole Paragon tree/skills isnt that bad. They even give you respec scrolls
Remember how prohibitive this game is with respecs…you cant change classes so you are forced to reroll. Because you force an unchangeable sub-class I would rather respec than reroll most of the time which you dont allow ofc

Maybe…you have too many subclasses in this game which is why balance is complete shit. the balance in D4 is pretty shit too with only 1 class…lol

Need 1.3 and 1.4 on the roadmap ASAP to keep this game alive

Here is why I have stopped playing POE & Diablo 4 and currently playing Last Epoch!

Played POE Necropolis and enjoyed it. Played it for 2 months straight–eventually got tired and bored. POE is an amazing game and there isn’t much crap to say because to be honest, it still holds #1 spot in ARPG genre.

Played the new Diablo 4 season. Enjoyed leveling up 1 character to 100 and playing for a small bit but then realized how dogsh!t it is. There is absolutely nothing to do in endgame and rerolling a new character at this point is boring because nothing drastic has changed. All the people enjoying that game right now are people that couldn’t eat that dogsh!t earlier but now that blizzard has sprinkled some sprinkles on it, they’re absolutely having a buffet. Honestly they need to revamp the entire end game because doing pits all day without harder content = better loot is straight up stupid af.

Started playing Last Epoch a couple weeks ago and loving it. It’s a blend of diablo 4 (best parts) and POE. Now I fully understand that EHG is in early stages and don’t have the support power like some of these games, but I’m hopeful. Sad part it will probably take like 1-2 years to get competitive enough but by then they’ll be competing against POE2 and whatever Blizzard might come out with. So the mindset isn’t to compete with modern day games but what will come and that’s hard since you need to be either reinventing the wheel or coming up with drastic changes constantly to keep the player pool healthy.

Anyways, long rant–D4 bad, POE boss and LE is the brother you’ve always wanted.

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Yeah man, why won’t D4 let me respec my Sorc into a Druid, it’s un-fucking-believable to disrespect my time that much! Why should i be forced to play a game i purport to enjoy just to get to endgame?

Probably. How many (reasonable) combinations are there to balance?

Yes, I’d be surprised if the game had much growth (or a less rapid decline in numbers through the season) before there’s more content to play through at endgame & that takes time to develop let alone polish.

Ya i dont like it either. I was fine with it. But once i found out offline has cycle play as well my stance changed on it.

Before this servay i was under the impression that cycle play (reset) was an online only thing

I am so happy with offline mode, I happily wait for any new content as long as it is released in the same cycle.
I am totally not excited about pinnacle bosses and the dodge mechanic.
I am already having a hard time with the monolith’s bosses and I yet have to set foot into any of the dungeons because there is no incentive for me to do so. I am lacking the items warranting the effort required to upgrade them and I holeheartedly hate this POE-LAB-style kill-the-boss-or-lose-your-time design.
So neither new and even harder bosses, nor a dodge mechanic will bring me back to LE.

Oh, yeah, please sparee me any “perhaps this game is not for you” replies, thank you.

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Honestly, this roadmap looks so good! Basically it’s all about the endgame, I already can’t wait to see what we get for the (hopefully) BIG 1.5 in the future! But 1.1 looks pretty big already, for me at least.

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I don’t have any issues with waiting for content to release later than the cycle, as long as it’s all updated when the time comes. Please don’t dump players offline like other games just because they are not comfortable playing online.

As for the matter that needs to be improved the most is Offline players should be able to see and use cosmetics just like online players. Did you know that there are a huge number of offline players who are ready to pay for these cosmetics? I’m one of them. But knowing that it won’t appear when playing offline That makes me very sad. I want to support this game. But it is not possible to use it offline by purchasing it. I hope you will consider improving this point in the future.

All the content you have lined up to release in the future is amazing. But there is still one point that I would like to improve. Creating multiple builds This game will be fun or boring depending on the different endgames and builds. You need to make sure that in one job you can create many builds. This should all be based on items that align with the skills you have and increase that possibility.

Heyy dodge roll sounds awesome. I like that every character of mine will have the same expectation when it comes to dodging mechanics and I don’t have to worry about having an inferior movement skill or even having to spare a slot for one at all depending on what class I play. Could even add unlocks or MTX for your dodge roll to turn it into a side step, or a bamf, etc. Can’t wait to try that out!

Ill be playing!

Becoming a God isn’t boring and feel like that is the fun of gear based games. Eventually your character is the Boss. Bosses shouldn’t be HP sponges either as you likely can kill them in a few seconds with some builds.

That’s a fair take but not something I’m looking for in this genre. Some people like Soul type games for this reason but I hate them and would never play them. I’m not looking for sweating while playing with my cheeks clenched to avoid mechanics.

I enjoy making Overpowered builds and the fun is accomplishing that. It’s the goal. To become infinitely powerful. Then you use that power to farm gear that is the end game. ARPGs for me in the end are Loot hunting/Trading games. The bosses aren’t End game the farming/trading is.

Which is why even D2 today (playing right now waiting for 1.1.) is played and got it right with so many things that ARPGs are trying to tap into. Doesn’t matter whether it’s D2 or PoE or Last Epoch players keep playing them for broken OP Immortal builds to farm and enjoy the game with. Since that is what is fun in this genre.

True End game isn’t beating a boss in an ARPG it’s beating that Boss 1,000’s of times because it’s about farming.

Yea I definitely still don’t like the idea of it but now seeing some items can replace evade with another option I’m more okay with that. Since I don’t want to evade attacks. I want to Tank them. I don’t want to avoid 1 Shots I want to get enough gear to Tank them that feels good.

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There is nothing better than to grind dozens or even hundreds of hours with your char and finally see it becoming OP crushing everything including bosses in this type of games.:clap::clap:

The white knights around here give me boredom with their speech. They behave like their opinion come directly from God, always supervising how other players have fun with the game.

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You nailed it.

I’m playing an Auradin in D2 right now. It’s really fun once you get all the gear and you walk around and the mobs explode because of your Aura. I don’t even like attacking I want my Aura to do all the work and just pick up the loot. It’s super fast farming and really relaxing which is enjoyable.

We are trying to kill 10,000’s of mobs per hour to find Holy grail items, that is THEE End Game. Not some difficulty in a dungeon or Boss.

You get it.

Yea they are weird. They are often wrong and refuse to admit it. They also don’t understand this genre or why people play it. I’m not looking for some hyrbid soul game where if I blink my char dies. No true ARPG player is. It’s not why we play D2, PoE or Last Epoch.