Last Epoch Patch 1.0.7 Notes


  • When portaling to a team member that’s inside an echo, you will now be placed in Echo of a World with the green portal to join at the time of your choosing.
  • When health is a fraction of 1, it will now always round up to 1 instead of rounding off resulting in health sometimes displaying as 0

Bug Fixes


  • Several item tooltip fixes, including:
    • Fixed a bug where opening / closing an item tooltip would have a drastic performance cost
    • Fixed a bug where tooltip text could continue off the edge of the tooltip instead of wrapping
    • Fixed a bug where some languages with a larger text height could be missing information on tooltips
    • Fixed a bug where prefixes and suffixes had different line spacing on item tooltips
  • Fixed a bug where some enemies were not displaying their top of screen health bars


  • Fixed a bug where some skills, primarily traversal skills, would not work after a zone transition until using a different skill first.
  • Fixed a bug where some scorpion enemies were unable to be targeted by Spirit Plague
  • Fixed a bug where channeled movement skills could break if continued to be channeled after running into a wall
  • Fixed a bug where every other use of Void Cleave with the Gravity’s Edge node (traversal) would have its hitbox at the start of the movement
  • Fixed a bug where skills could stop working after closing a panel until the panel was closed a second time
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s character was visible under the surface on certain locations during using of Synchronized Strike and Lethal Mirage
  • Fixed a bug where Puncture’s Stay of Execution, and Detonating Arrow’s Aimed Shot nodes would play the VFX before the character animation when charged to max


  • Fixed an instance of a bug which could break all party interactions until re-logging
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to portal to other party members when both players were inside of an echo


  • Fixed a bug where Shade of Orobyss’ “Starburst” ability would explode upon his death
  • Fixed a bug where the falling rocks during the boss fight in Lightless Arbor could sometimes fail to display a telegraphing indicator before falling
  • Fixed the invisible walls during the Elder Gaspar fight in The Chambers of Ruin, which could block projectiles
  • Fixed a bug where Death’s Embrace’s Grim Harvest could trigger while at negative mana
  • Fixed a bug where Enemy VFX could stop playing / freeze
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would fail to play their death animation
  • Fixed a bug where the B_Circle button would focus the action bar panel (skill bar) if it was previously selected

Please buff weak builds
Bladedancer is a must (PLOX)


Some much needed fixes, thanks team.


get good

What’s wrong with Bladedancer ?! …

and they said they won’t buff/nerf non bugged skills mid cycle :slight_smile:

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hmm short patch notes for nearly an 8GB download. Are we missing lot of notes?

I know the community has been asking for those tooltip performance fixes for a while, thank you so much EHG!

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Wonderful, now I can stop when hitting walls. Thanks this was really annoying.

Nice to see patch still streaming in! Looking forward to 1.1 after I am done with POE!

Thanks as always EHG!

Patch 1.1 teasers soon™? :slight_smile:


What about the bug preventing the ability to set a secondary keybind for keyboard binds? This was broken last patch and I don’t see any notes for it. It can’t be that hard to fix something that the previous patch broke.

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Lots of build variations can be made but only very few are worth using. Can we buff some skills/builds like DoTs and such shine?

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genius patch :clown_face:

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Bow Prophecies are bugged from my experience. It seems to roll a portion as rare, exalted and uniques instead of all uniques.

Reported way back somewhere in 0.9, still not fixed afaik:
Emphasize loot filter option causes first match to be displayed with 100% transparent text, making item almost invisible. So if this option is used for something really valuable (what i really did back then in 0.9) chances are you’ll never notice and loot these valuable items.

Is chat properly divided yet as promised last patch?

“Won’t someone rid me of these troublesome Cycle players that think they know everything but really know nothing?” ~ Henry II (probably)

Fix bug where the bottom of the back of my shirt rolls up when i sit on my computer chair!


I have a RM whose DoT ticks for 500k, has 3k health and can easily hit 12k ward without blinking.

Buff please!

Fixed a bug

Plox? What?