Last Epoch Patch 1.0.5 Notes

Hello Travelers,

In today’s Patch, we are fixing a list of things for you!


  • Improvements have been made to Monolith visuals and performance along with several bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where some channeled movement skills such as Rampage could end abruptly in the Alpine Halls monolith echo
    • Fixed issues with trees obscuring your view in the Hidden Oasis monolith echo
  • Added a fix that will warn players when files must be verified.

  • Fixed Loot filter toggle “X” sensitivity

  • Fixed bugs where the following skills’ damage areas were not scaling with area modifiers from their trees or from items

    • Abyssal Echoes
    • Dancing Strikes (not all parts of the combo were affected by this bug)
    • Erasing Strike (just the initial hit, not the void rifts)
    • Forge Strike
    • Healing Hands
    • Necrotic Mortar (from Summoned Skeletal Mages)
    • Reap (from Reaper Form)
  • Fixed Passive and Skill Tree localization issues

  • Updated visuals for Announcement banners

  • Updated Unique Reward icon in Monoliths from Ring to a generic icon

  • Added missing name to Graveyard

Bug Fixes

Skills & Passives

  • Fixed a bug where the player’s Falcon could fail to be unsummoned after the player has died
  • Fixed a bug where Warpath would cause players to become stuck in place and unable to move
  • Fixed a bug where Drain Life with Blood Pact and Ghostflame with Arteries of Malice would stop channeling when at very low current health
  • Fixed a bug where Healing Hands was still scaling with cast speed instead of melee attack speed when Seraph Blade was allocated
  • Fixed a bug where Gathering Storm was still scaling with melee attack speed instead of cast speed when wielding a staff and Lagonian Diplomacy was allocated
  • Fixed a bug where Thunder Tempests from Tempest Strike’s Cloudburst Conduit could not hit enemies
  • Fixed a bug where Added Spell Damage Affix with Tempest Strike did not work
  • The grace period for your minions now ends when your own grace period ends
  • Fixed a bug where attempts to cast minion-targeted abilities like Dread Shade on minions that were in grace period would always fail
  • Fixed a bug where stationary minions would never leave grace period, resulting in them never attacking


  • Fixed a bug where items sold in Online mode were displaying original price in the “Buy Back” tab
  • Fixed a bug preventing Defensive Conversions from displaying in the character sheet online


  • Fixed a bug where Soul Embers would persist after the dungeon was completed
  • Fixed a bug causing Void Despair to be invisible
  • Fixed an error when leaving Offline mode
  • Fixed a bug where, players spawning into a new location would reveal part of the map too soon.

Great job! Very glad to see these fixes.

Kudos to the notices lately, glad to see EHG making good use of the Forum.


Awesome! Glad to see more fixes to movement skills getting characters stuck.

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Maybe you could fix the infinite loading screen bug, game is literally unplayable.

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fixed ?
edit : It’s not :confused:
Can’t return to the game yet :confused:


TYVM fo your great work!

Lucky you I get drops 15fps :sleepy:


When you fix the OP monsters attacks? e.g.

  • Tundra Stalker OP damage and also applying frost
  • Ulatri Scavengers OP damage and huge area of attack with their breath attack
  • Embermage meteorit attack, OP damage, attack from offscreen sometimes and no “telegraph”(or hard visible)

Also, change Arena Key of memory to allow player to start from last finished wave -50, not half last wave cause it takes half an hour just to get were you were.


This is an issue with hitting X to see all loot on the ground.
When you do this it is also disabling the alt-z function that turns off ALL ground items showing up.
So if you hit X, you need to hit alt-z afterwards to re-enable Items on Ground Tooltips.
So either avoid hitting X, or always hit alt-z after you hit X.

I don’t know what you did, but the loot filtered items are not consistently showing up, I have to keep tapping x over and over to get the items to show up.
A boss will drop a pile of loot and nothing will show until I press down X, then it will show everything, and when I let up on X, it will only show the filtered items.
It happens on all loot drops, I never see anything at all until I press and release X to see my filtered items every time.




same for me sometimes …

Ghostflame Fuel of anguish node not working at all, please bug fix q.q

Howabout fixing the wraithlord from flying all over the place instead of attacking and getting me killed


Fixed Loot filter toggle “X” sensitivity

Please revert this. Now, half of my loot won’t get highlighted and I need to always toggle the filter all the time. This shouldn’t be the norm. I don’t know how thought the toggling need “fixing” in the first place.


after this update my loot filter does not show the items it should, i have to hit X, then let go then it shows.


I second this! My loot filter is not working as it should. Have to do the exact same thing you mentioned.


Fixed freaking grass in monolith’s echoes bypassing graphical settings? No? Seriously?


Amazing. Love to see the grace period bugs fixed! Now just make Wraithlord stop iceskating all over the place all the time and the game will be perfect :smiley:

fix loot filters


Frame dips in mono’s are better, not seeing the super low(20-35fps) now getting high 50’s as my low. I can play again!(fingers crossed for another optimization patch) cheers.