Last Epoch on macOS

Yes thanks, in the Metal HUD it shows about 9.5GB only when I am in the city, so yeah I guess that is the problem unfortunately… :frowning:

Yes in Whisky it is just a toggle switch :wink:

Hm yeah, that is sad, changing to a 16GB Macbook Air is quite difficult I guess…

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I’ve got the game running in Whisky on my Mac Studio M1 Max (32GB RAM), but it doesn’t have any audio. The Audio Device listbox shows no devices. Audio is configured correctly in Whisky and works fine for other games in Steam. Has anyone else encountered this?

EDIT: Audio played during the new character movie, but there is no in-game audio.

Hi all!

I installed Last Epoch via CrossOver v24 on my Mac (M2 Pro 12C CPU, 19C GPU, 16GB RAM)

I created a bottle with the following settings: DXVK + MSync
I also added -disable-gpu-skinning to the launch options

The game runs fine, 100fps, but when I use any spell the fps drops to 1-2 and I see the game freezing… Maybe someone plays with the same mac setup as mine (or a simpler setup)? Or has someone solved this problem…?

Thanks so much for this! I switched over to a Whisky install as I was having crashes and slowdowns with hand-rolled install and adding in that option made a huge difference in overall performance. I’m on an M1 Max (32 GB Ram) and can play very smoothly at High graphics settings now. The only thing I’ve noticed is an initial stuttering when loading a level, but it’s only an occasional thing and only happens at the start of a level.

I’m really glad that this is still working well but, while I do understand EHG not being able to support Mac natively given the small number of mac gamers, I really wish it was something on the roadmap so that these kind of setup issues/playability would go away. Much of the cross-platform heavy-lifting must already be in place to support Linux, but I’m just a former business dev who has only dabbled in game dev so I likely have no idea what I’m talking about.


Maybe try Whisky instead of CrossOver? It’s free and pretty simple to set up; I can confirm that it’s working well on a M1 Max, albeit with more Ram (32 GB).

Hello! Thanks for the advice, I installed this via Whisky, works well, 60 frames.

There is only 1 problem, this is the game freezing when opening loot filters. Is there any solution to make them work?
P.S. the solution with filters above did not help me :с

Will EHG make a Mac version again is my question. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone!

Here is my experience with the 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook:

I am using CrossOver with 3D3Metal and Msync. Almost all quest lines are silky smooth with a stable 60 fps, even on very high settings. However, at endgame with monoliths, it becomes almost unplayable, dropping to 15-20 fps with stutters on large packs of mobs.

The same issue occurs with Whisky. Additionally, Whisky has a problem with freezing on filters, likely due to the old version of Wine which has problems with the clipboard. A solution to this is to use CrossOver 24 with a newer version of Wine, or you can restart the MacBook (commands in the terminal to clean the clipboard didn’t help) to manually create the filter. Alternatively, you can also put the file with the filter manually into the folder and then choose it in-game.

I really hope EHG will release a macOS version or will fix the performance issues at least.


Hey, i hope this can help! Don’t use D3D metal, switch to DXVK. About your filter problem, don’t know about it sry ;(

sry but dxvk doesn’t help at all, it is more stable, but a lot of glitches and 45~ fps appeared, i use CX 24 with MPB with m1 prod chip/16 gb
Seems there are some troubles with fps on developer’s side, they already mentioned it in discord server.

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Hey, sry to read that. Should maybe depends on hardware, for me DXVK was the best solution overall.