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Last Epoch crashing, character been deleted from my account

Hi, I’ve been playing Last Epoch today, and after multiples crashes which caused pc reboot I found out my character to be deleted from my account. I just wanted to know if it is possible to recover it :frowning:

I’ve been checking in my save folder and the character file seems not to work since is empty. Sharing some files in case. Player.log (28.9 KB)
Player-prev.log (28.9 KB)

Hey There, Welcome to the forums…

Unforutnatley with a beta game like LE, savegame files can get corrupted - especially if the game crashes…

If you are lucky, you can replace the 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_2 file with its backup 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_2_temp… (you can open the file in a text editor to see which one could be your specific character - name in the first line)

If both the main savegame and the _temp file are messed up then there is unfortunately no way to get your character back…

Your player.log includes a reference to:
Failed To Load character with key 1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_2 &
Sharing violation on path C:\Users\lcarl\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\Saves\1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_2

This is probably the crashed game process still having the savegame open when you restarted after the crash… or you have the savegame file open exclusively when you started the game or the file is corrupted and the game cannot open it properly - I am not a unity dev but its probably something like that…

The only thing I can suggest is what I do… manually backup my savegames before I play - that way i only lose 1 playsession if something borks…

Thanks for the fast reply, sadly both saves are “corrupted”.
I’m kinda sad because I have not much time to play and I just had finished the campaign and was starting the new “end-game”.
Appreciate for your help and I understand there’s not much to do, I just kinda hoped that LE had some way to restore my data from their server.

Best regards;


Sorry about that… I honestly would be seriously annoyed if I lost my chars and I have been playing for 1k+ hours… (yes, I need a life).

None of the savegames are on EHG servers… You only login for verification & chat…

When they launch Multiplayer (i think thats version 0.9) then you will have both offline (locally stored savegames) and online (EHG server savegames)…

No worries mate, not a big deal just kinda sad I was enjoying my character. I may or may not end up trying another build, the game feels good, better patch by patch.
And do not worry always feels good to have time to play, enjoy it while you can, nothing wrong in doing so. :grinning: