Last Epoch 1.1: Harbingers of Ruin Twitch Drops

Perfect I really like the owl. I’m really happy about the drops

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Sorry but Twitch is borderline unwatchable. Between the ads and obnoxious “Content Creators” (not to mention hardly anyone streams this game), it’s better to allow people to earn these in game by…playing the game, rather than watching it.

Or just do what Blizzard did with the freebies and put them in the MtX store and people can redeem them. Otherwise there is no reason to actually play/launch the game to get these.

I think the purpose of drops like this is to bring new and existing players together and promote the game and update.

With these kind of promotion things you can potentially reach players that have not heard about the game yet. If you do in-game stuff you will only reach people already playing the game.

I personally don’t watch twitch myself that much, but I agree that there are a lot of strange “content creators” out there.
But there are just as many people just having fun playing the game and occasionally streaming it (myself included).

Finding a channel that has a vibe that you enjoy watching definitely makes the experience a lot better.
If you canvt find such channel or donvt want to there is always the option to let a stream run in the background muted.

You mean this?: Season of Blood Twitch Drops: Earn the Orichalcum Collection — Diablo IV — Blizzard News
Diablo 4 also does twitch drops. As does PoE. It’s just an industry standard at this point.

I don’t even have a twitch account. I didn’t get the twitch drops for 1.0 either and it didn’t bother me. Just because something is being offered, you don’t have to go get it.

That’s just it, there isn’t much incentive to jump back in and try the game again if they want us to watch to earn something, and not play (or even open) the game. Not to mention there are (as of right now) only 4 people streaming. I’m sure more will jump on to get those “drops viewers”…but at the same time, it seems like this is more about trying to temporarily boost their twitch number more than anything :confused:

Nope, I mean what they did for the Season 4 freebies. Just redeem it daily in the store.
Also D4 and POE doing Twitch drops is equally as annoying. Industry standard isn’t a good excuse either, considering predatory MtX (p2w) is also industry standard nowadays too.

Honestly, that’s way more annoying to me than twitch drops are. At least for twitch drops, if you want them, you can simply turn twitch on without sound on another monitor while you play and you’ll get them.
Having daily freebies just breeds FOMO and makes you login just to get them.
I honestly hate dailies, whether it’s freebies, quests, etc.

D4 gets away with it because it has (or tries to have) an MMO affinity which LE and PoE don’t. I doubt they could get away with the same thing. The target playerbase for either of them is very different.

You didn’t have to log in daily to get the items. They remained in the store to redeem for a week or two past the promotion and you could just redeem them all at once, which seems much better than 2-4 hours of having to leave twitch on for. The only FOMO was if you wanted them the day they dropped.

It’s strange way to market a game IMO. “Watch our game to get these items, meanwhile you can just play something else”.

It might draw in a small handful of new players (which will depend more on if the big streamers bother coming back), but it’s not really giving any reason for older players to come back and login.


Totally agree they should at the very least pick up gold

Wait a minute! The “I’m lazy” feature sounds cool! What does it do? :grinning:

lets gooo more mtx

I think they forgot to add the cape drops for the 14th, in twitch drops it shows that 11th was the last date for the cloak :confused: