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Lagon is too difficult + no WP at encounter

There’s way too many one-shot mechanics for a first playthrough of the story. Also the add + tidal wave phase is hell and my biggest pain point. In general, a well designed game throws something like this at you when you’ve hit a good “farm point” For example, in D2, normal wasn’t that difficult but could be if you were new. You had plenty of time to farm Baal or other end game activities before moving on to nightmare/hell. Also, I find it ridiculous there’s no WP before Liath or Lagon. I don’t want to have to fight my way through the whole darned temple just to attempt a boss fight I’m probably going to fail. Again. But tbh Add phases like this with ridiculous mechanics killed Wolcen for me (and many people I’d argue) and may very well kill this game. I know the defense formula for this game but I don’t want to spend hours and hours and hours farming a glancing blow + protection set just to complete the story. That’s kind of lame and boring. I’m assuming if I had a full resist set I could survive the 1-shot tidal waves no problem. All the crazy random adds don’t allow me to properly dodge mechanics. (and I can’t even focus on them because of everything else being through at me). Liath I would argue was over the top and annoying. I could rarely hit her and she’s constantly throwing mechanics at me I can barely dodge. That wasn’t fun.


I love D2 to death but the game got one thing absolutely wrong. Boss fights. They were loot pinatas. This game has actual boss fights with mechanics. I died a couple of times on Lagon until I learned the fight. Not sure how many attempts you took but it spawns you at the boss when you die and when you make it to the add phase it spawns you there. Plenty of time to just throw your body at it to learn the mechanics. Instead of worrying about DPS, worry about dodging and you will have a lot more success. You can also craft up some gear with +cold/lightning or elemental resist and that will help a ton as well.

It is also strange that you say you can farm up in D2 but farming up for a boss in this game is lame. Not sure where the disconnect is.

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Thanks!! I thought I was the only one that was/is having issues with this level. It’s bad enough that you have to go ALL THE WAY BACK to the beginning of the level, but she is almost impossible to kill! At least put a time point(?) on her level or shave a few 1000 hit points off of her! Thanks!

I don’t really share your view on the subject. I find the difficulty okay for this fight.
I did Lagon only once so far on my latest character, and had absolutely no problem. I didn’t find the encounter too fun though, the phase with the spawning monster was maybe a little to long to my taste.

However, in the same act some monsters before killed me. Probably because i didn’t expect it and the power creep after the emperor is real and has to be followed by an insane increase of gear.
The difficulty curve has to be polished before launch. Nothing prepares you to get rekt after the emperor.
EDIT : And for new players, that might be very surprising / frustrating because they might have the right amount of armor / resistances, but that’s not enough for the last two acts.

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I beat it, but only after doing a ton of crafting to increase resists, using a set item with 14% cold resist and not using my normal play strategy. The fight basically requires leech + AOE. I’m doing a spriggan form build that isn’t AOE per se, it just sprays damage everywhere, mostly via minions. I actually beat it by staying in human form and exploiting leech on real AOE. My build works fine in normal circumstances, but that much pressure requires that I leech from everything and my totems spraying everywhere doesn’t help sustain me. I think it’s poorly designed when it forces you to build your character a certain way. There should be some amount of fault tolerance in builds. If everyone has to play a certain way to “pass” the story then you don’t get the fun of ARPGs of using a build to your liking.

I wasn’t dying to mechanics per se. I think the pressure was just too much in the add phase. It’s more than just a gear check. I did fine up until that point. Also not having a WP sucks. Having to kill liath again sucks. I figured it out, but I feel like the encounter requires protections + Leech + AOE skills that leech. It’s anathema to minion builds.

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Try fighting Lagon using a pet build. He just one shots all the pets anyway, but before he does, my scorpion babies don’t even attack him. I know this belongs in the bug reports, but how much are paying customers expected to continue to point out basic common sense to developers who haven’t listened for the past 2 years?

For your defence, i was playing a Drain Life Lich build, so in term of leech i was ready. Aha. But i don’t have any aoe either (some kind of weak dots here and there).

I see a little more what you were trying to say and i kinda agree now. I guess i should try to kill it with different builds and tell you how i feel about it.

EDIT : I’d love to add that changing your gear / strategy before a boss is fine by me. However, maybe they could tweak the fight more in order to make other strategies more viable.

Fight wasn’t insanely hard for first char. Wave phase is too much, yeah, but just reducing amount of waves or their damage (without GB they were almost oneshotting) should be ok. Lagon really shows that next content will become harder.
One thing that really should be here is waypoint. As a newbie after you try boss first time you want to fix some res, may be respec abit, farm some gear, and then you see that there wasn’t any waypoint for few areas and you have to run them again.

IMO, the OP is looking at this the wrong way (or his comparison to D2 normal is at least). I wouldn’t compare the campaign to just normal difficulty in D2, IMO the LE campaign should be viewed as the journey through normal and into Nightmare & prepares you for the damage of the monolith/arena while teaching you the most important thing. Learn the boss fights & don’t stand in **** trying to dps. You say it’s ridiculous that you had to farm a set of decent gear for the last boss? You’ll need it for the monolith/arena anyway, so it’s hardly wasted.

That said, forcing the player to walk through the entire level again is a monumental pain in the arse. Especially as it currently respawns all the mobs (to be fixed when MP hits).

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This is not accurate. It spawns me at the very beginning of the fight regardless of which phase killed me. If the game is supposed to spawn me at the current phase, it is bugged.

The Lagon fight is not hard. Just don’t stand there when it’s going to attack you. I agree that there should be a waypoint right before the fight and it’d be nice if it could actually spawn you into the 2nd phase correctly. There’s only 2 attacks Lagon does that are real problems. As long as you have remotely decent ice/lightning resist it’s fine.

My only problem with Lagon is that as a pure Necromancer, the minions will not move when in the up close phase. They just stand there and can’t reach. I have to cast them right next to Lago or they do nothing. Other than that is is a mechanical fight.

It is a little chock for a first time because with my Necromancer build I basically ran through the entire game up until Lagon with no real issue. Pretty much just trashed the mobs and ran around bosses until minions killed them. Lagon, obviously was a much different experience. Which is fine, it just can be a shock because everything prior to Lago is relatively easy.

Read commments on minion builds in follow up discussion. I believe the other person complaining was running beastmaster. I had to use a specific playstyle to beat it. It’s designed around a certain type of build.

Bosses in this game now have certain attacks that are vastly overtuned. Probably worse than most PoE one shot attacks.

The big issue is you unless you aren’t on a controller and have spec’d a movement skill AND not used it in the last 20 seconds - you MAY be able to dodge ONE attack

Lagons claw drop, Rahyehs fire Cross are almost undodgeable unless you put everything into dodging it, meaning 0 DPS unless playing minions

Most of the bosses as well are so incredibly shit to fight as melee

need help?

transplant from acolyte, and teleport from mage is very low cooldown far from 20 seconds.

Primalist gets Leap Slam which is bad, auto targets enemies and has a 12 second cooldown or something, its useless on a controller

infact most ‘teleport’ skills either teleport you nowhere or ontop of an enemy if using a controller, you cannot rely or use them for anything really

ok well don’t use a controller, and use keyboard, and mouse? The devs have plans to add more controller support patches later on in development, so why make it more difficult for you, when keyboard and mouse are working as intended. I tried using a controller but it’s just not competitive enough compared to kb and mouse.

Leap Slam has a 7s cooldown, Shield Rush has 7s, Lunge (not good for Lagon since it needs a target) has 3s, Teleport has 4s & Transplant has 4s.

Yeah, I wasn’t commenting on the issues that minions have with Lagon as that’s clearly bugged, and it’s not just minion skills, it’s Warpath as well. Either the ledge is too narrow for Lagon’s hit box or his/her/it’s hitbox is funky.

You were complaining that the LE story isn’t as easy to get through as D2 normal, I was suggesting that the campaign should be compared to D2 normal through to Nightmare.

Liath was annoying as **** on my shield throw Forge Guard (bad single target) but incredibly easy on my Smite Caster (good single target).

I’m not sure it’s built around a “certain type of build”, though I would say that the minion AI isn’t great at dealing with that kind of thing (AoE & bosses).