Lagon Fight Bug

After fighting lagon there is no way to portal out after talking to him - the loot drops but there is no portal spawned after to get to the next act.


I have the exact same problem. The quest prompt says “Receive the Blessing of Lagon.”. Went through the boss fight once, but instead of the regular dialogue all he offers me for choices is:

  1. Where do I go?
  2. (?) I’m going.
    When picking these dialogue options all he tells me is to use his portal to leave.
    Loot dropped, but no portal spawned.
    I attempted the fight a second time, won, same situation occurs.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I know its not ideal but this is an alt im leveling I used a temporal sanctum key killed the boss and it spit me out in act 9 with the new quest so you can use this as a workaround for now

That’s good news - I wasn’t keen on having to redo the entire campaign with my rogue because I got stuck a few steps from the finish line. Unfortunately I don’t think I dropped a sanctum key as of yet, so I may just have to farm monoliths until RNGeesus blesses me.

I’m experiencing this as well. Tried to logout and do the fight again, happened again. Closed the client and did the fight again, happened again. Guess I’ll try the Temporal Sanctum trick.

I think you can farm them pretty easily in arena if im not mistaken or high mono’s i have about 20 in my stash they are pretty common

As noted in the other thread here Lagon - Bug - Can't obtain blessing - #9 by wokekingcocoa you can warp to Soreth’ka to workaround this bug, you don’t need a dungeon key :slight_smile:

We have a fix for this in the works. Sorry for the frustration!

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Will the players who killed Lagon and teleported to Soreth’Ka to complete the quest but didn’t receive Lagon’s Blessing, receive the Blessing automatically or should we kill him again. Please let it be the former because I don’t want to fight him again. :frowning:

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