Lag and Latency

Issue 1) Server Lag and Latency.

I get a better in game ping to central servers (32-38ms) than to east coast (76ms). Even west coats is slightly better (72ms),. This is very odd since I live in Virginia.
Every other online game I play east cost servers always have better ping.
I have 1Gig down and 500meg up fiber on a 8 cpu core / 16 gig ram pfSence router with 1 gig nics.
I ran some basic tests to AWS servers in VA and in OH for a network baseline.
AWS Virginia - 5 sec test interval - 22ms 0.4 % packet loss.
AWS Ohio - 5 sec test interval - 23ms 0.4 % packet loss.
I am hard wired on cat6 from my PC to the 1 Gig switch to my router. Router to Fiber ONT.
Open Speed test: 890 Mbps Down / 396Mbps Up / 0.00 Jitter / 18ms Ping to Datacenter in Ashburn VA.

Issue 2) In game lag. (Network)

PC Specs
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
AMD 6700 XT
32 G Ram
NVME Drive

Current LE Build
Were bear Lightning
Swipe / Rampage.

This biggest lag seems to be at the start of most echoes.
If I load into the echo and then hit rampage to start running my character often runs in place for almost 2 seconds,. then jumps forward in area and then rubber bands back.

Waiting to start moving in the echo does help but does not fix the issue.
Open during the echoes I have small (sub 1 second) rubber banding effects that are very noticeable when using Rampage as the animation shows my character running be they are not moving across terrain as if they are stuck on a hidden object however they then suddenly take off.

This leads me to believe this is network related lag.

This issue has existed in other builds as well but the nature of rampage makes the issue more noticeable and jarring.

Not much I think I can do to fix the issue since I believe they are network / server side but I am open to suggesting and happy to tune / tweak / test.


I also have extreme lag and latency on east coast servers. I will often desync for 20s and die when going through monoliths or campaign. This will ALWAYS happen if I fight any boss like zerrick or an exiled mage.

Yea I am hard stuck on some bosses now I keep dying to lag so I wanted to gather as much info as I could to get some support.
Holding onto hope for that.