Ladder bug converting SSF to Standard

My character mcmagicbeastybois was originally a SSF softcore character and did 332 waves. I then converted that character over to standard softcore and did a handful of low level waves (<150) but for some reason it has a 331 wave record. This 331 arena run never happened.

The way it works is that it just records your character’s personal best and ignores runs that are under that. I might look in to clearing that when you switch over from SSF to not SSF. I’m not sure it’s necessary because you’re actually moving to an easier league.

As for the 331 vs 332 problem, did you ever show up on the ladder at 332? It might not have recorded that last wave and just always was 331.

I was hoping/expecting it to save my SSF run and then give me a clean slate in Standard that I could level to 100 and start pushing at level 100. As for the 332 vs 331 its may have something to do with the fact that I died on 331 but my companions finished so I got to 332 before leaving.

I think it’s probably worth having the system clear the personal best when you switch challenge modes like that. I can probably make that happen for next patch.

It also shouldn’t record a wave advance if you’re dead.

I have video of it happening for the 332 so something must be wonky there. I definitely died on 331 if you would like to see it but do not have logs

Did it display you on the ladder on the website at 332?

Yes on the website it shows SSF-softcore 332 at lvl 85. Should be 331 at level 85. And on the website for softcore it shows 331 at lvl 88. It sounds like that should show 331 at level 85 as well.

If you get a level up it will update your entry to show the new level and personal best wave clear. The data isn’t a pair set. It’s the highest that character has reached in each category.

I think I see what happened that caused a 332 to be recorded and I can fix it.

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