Lack of difficulty ruins the entire game experience

This game is far, far, far too easy. My brain turns numb and begins to melt. I cannot stand it. Can you give some type of option to fix this, anything? I don’t need more xp, or more loot, or more gold, or anything, I just want to not play an auto-battler for 30+ hours on every single character I make.

The crafting is awesome, the classes are awesome, the skill trees are amazing, the loot is cool and interesting, but none of this matters and I don’t interact with it because the game is so easy for too long.

Please add some type of difficulty scaling/setting, I don’t care if it means the character is removed from ladder, but the game needs SOMETHING. This one huge fatal flaw ruins the entire game for me and everyone I know.

There’s already a thread about this recently and your answers are there.

Because searching is difficult.

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