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Known Website Bugs - Please Post Website Bugs Here!

When reporting bugs please do the following:

  • Include any steps you believe may be necessary to reproduce the bug.
  • Specify whether you used a phone or tablet when observing the bug.
  • Include your Operating System, browser, and browser version where possible.
  • Visit the support site instead if you believe it prudent to do so. Examples of appropriate cases are those pertaining to ways of circumventing moderation.

The following is a list of forum bugs we have reproduced internally.

  • The Classes page is broken; icons on one side slide further than those on the other.
  • Socials at the top of the page have a background that doesn't match the colour of the bar that they're placed on.
  • The sidebar for support articles is erroneously displayed when editing forum posts.
  • (Phone) On small screens the 'Forum' and 'Last Post' column headers get displaced significantly. Their removal is likely the most elegant solution for this.
  • (Phone) The Search button prevents the label from going sufficiently far left, leading to the word "search" being cut off after the 'c' due to running out of room.
  • EHG employees posts do not use a different colour for link text by default.
    • Link text becomes a grey colour after a thread has been closed (but not when locked).
    • This was tested with the option to open links in a new window enabled.
  • EHG employees' posts can be reported.
  • Closing a thread changes the colour the name of the first poster is displayed in.
    • This only affects regular posters in forum sections.
    • EHG employees are affected both in forum sections and in the thread itself.
    • The new colour is grey for both EHG employees and regular posters.
    • This does not occur when a thread has been locked instead of closed.
  • Logged-out users do not see Topics and Replies counts next to posts.
    • Topics and Replies counts are shown to them on Profiles.
  • Text displays erratically on phones.
    • Tablets appear to be unaffected.
  • It is no longer possible to Subscribe to forum sections.
  • The Add Another File button is always displayed.
    • It should only appear after a file has been added to a post.
  • Quotes are displayed in the same colour as the rest of a post.
    • The colour of quoted text should vary depending on who is quoted.
  • Editing the first post of a closed thread opens the the thread to new replies.
    • This is despite Status: Closed being selected.
  • When the most recent post displayed on the forum index page is no longer available due to moderation, the forum is significantly faster at updating the link than the text. This leads to people clicking on the name of one thread only for their browser to load another.
    • It is also significantly faster at updating the thread being displayed than it is at updating the author. In fact, I'm not sure whether it does update the author.
  • Similar to the previous bug, the forum is also bad at updating when a thread is moved. Typically the moved the thread will appear in both the current and previous sections, and subsequent posts can lead to the forum claiming someone has posted in a thread other than the one they posted in.
  • The 'Last Post' column shows the post most recently submitted or edited.
    • This can make the forum appear less active than what it is.

Reported bugs we have not yet reproduced:

  • (Phone) The 'Send a Message' link on Profiles is displayed over the "Welcome back, _____! _____ Messages (_) | Logout" text from the top-right corner.

The following are not bugs:

  • The support site does not feature live search functionality.
    • This has been deliberately disabled pending a bug fix.
  • EHG employees do not have forum badges next to their posts.
  • EHG employees do not have Topic counts next to their posts.
  • EHG employees do not have Reply counts next to their posts.
  • EHG employees do not have Karma counts next to their posts.
  • It is not possible to send messages to EHG employees.
    • An exception has been made for Sarno.
  • It is possible to report your own posts.
    • This is harmless, and a convenient way of contacting a moderator if you wish to have a thread you created moved or locked for whatever reason.

The following is a list of recent bug fixes:

  • The favicon is not shown. (Firefox only?)
  • The messages link in the top-right corner of the page shows code instead of the number of unread messages. The link remains fully functional, however.
  • The breadcrumbs have disappeared from the forum.
  • When author information is displayed above forum posts due to the size of the current browser window, the 'Send a Message' link is displayed over the account name.
  • The EHG-exclusive blue background tint does not appear for the first post of a thread.
  • Profiles publicly display Forum Roles.
  • Profiles include a spurious 'Points: 0' entry.
  • Closing a thread decreases the author's topics count by 1.
  • Two different icons denoting a thread has been stickied.
    • When a thread title does not fit on a single line, the grey icon reserves an entire line for itself, the thread title then begins one line down, and ends on a third line.
  • (Phone) Avatars cut into forum posts.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes targeting Internet Explorer.

Send msg to Sarno link overlaps with Sarno name. Observed on iPhone X Safari.

Can confirm the same to be true for any browser window in which the display width is really small.


Thanks a ton for the reports here guys. I’m fixing these as time permits and these lists and screenshots are very helpful.

Search button doesn’t fit screen. Also not sure what the text “forum last post” does. It’s not a link. On iPhone X safari

Thanks for the report!

The moved thread “Help with potions” continues to display as being posted in its original forum section.


Submitted a few more of my own. :slight_smile:

This is not a major bug but it did bother one of my non tech savy friend, and it might also be a problem for some people, he was clicking on the link but the hyperlink also select the ">Reset, which returns a non valid link message in the browser.
Same happened to me when i tried to reset my password.

When not logged in it seems that the forum loses a couple of days.

Not a forum bug, but a website bug and possibly related to other logged in/logged out discrepancies.

When logged out, no screenshots are shown in the page.


Please do keep the bug reports coming.

I’ve never been able to reproduce this.

Possible it’s a caching issue on your end?

[quote quote=8363]

GeoGalvanic wrote:
When not logged in it seems that the forum loses a couple of days.
I’ve never been able to reproduce this.

Possible it’s a caching issue on your end?[/quote]

Strange, it happens rather consistently on my end.

It does appear to be a caching issue, however it still persists even if I clear my cache, and only affects me when I’m not logged in.

It seems that when not logged in I’m given a server cached version of the webpage, albeit a random date/time. It also doesn’t seem to necessarily update with recent posts.

I haven’t been on the forums for a couple of days, so I’m not sure if the issue is still persistent, but it was present on both chromium and firefox for me.