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hello everyone, im a kickstarter supporter at the elder level (50) if it matters to you, my hopes in writing this is that EHG will see this and help me get my elder supporter rewards so i can actually use them. i have never claimed my rewards from alpha because i never played more than a few hours, i waited and waited until the game is where it is now (.9), i was able to get help to get the game key for steam, but EHG seems SOOOO busy i cannot reach anyone! to help me. let me know if your in the same boat. EHG please help me.

I guess you have tried reaching out to the support?

Submit a ticket and support will assist you in resolving this matter, mate.

ive submitted a few tickets already over the course of a month, i havent heard from any of them yet sense i started playing with the key that was given to me.

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Yeah I’ve had 3 different support tickets i’ve submitted since 0.9 hit, haven’t had a response to a single one. Given up now. 1 of them went 6 weeks before i resubmitted, now its however long since 6 weeks after 0.9 is. Other one is like, 3 weeks or something now.

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i bet that a lot of things will be sorted when the MTX shop is out tommorow.
with that said contact them on discord or the stream on fridays :slight_smile:

I did, I got told to resubmit my support ticket.

@Force @Nevieth Please do not ping Judd. He is literally the most busy person on the team and he can’t help you with this. He would just ask the people who the support tickets go directly to anyways. (I deleted the messages saying to and with the ping)

@D27 @AuroraClaire I’ve checked and every single ticket has been replied to. I’m not sure why you aren’t getting a reply but so far every time I’ve seen someone say that they haven’t had a response, it has turned out that they haven’t had a response that solved the problem, the email address had a typo or some junk filter was stopping it. If you haven’t had any response at all, like actually at all, as in, no automated initial reply even, please check your junk mail or try with a different email address.

The only people that can help you with this are available to be contacted through this form:

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I havent had any response, i have nothing in my junk folder, ive had the automated ‘has been received, and is being reviewed by our support staff’

In the past i’ve had responses after that, so it being my email seems unlikely to be an issue on my side. I mean its just gmail, it worked before.

Ticket numbers:
17352, 20369, 20461

Also there was one before 0.9 when i last reported people in global chat posting bigoted stuff, that one also never got a reply, 5724

Its also very funny to point to filing another support ticket as the only way to sort it out

Do you see how it might be difficult to figure out what the problem is when in the same post you mention never getting a reply and also getting a reply?

An automated ‘we got your support ticket, someone will look at it’ and an actual response about the thing are generally seen as two different things.

In the future, I request that you make the explicit distinction between the two as a report of getting no reply at all indicates a problem with the technology of the communication channels and not getting a reply from a person yet but getting the automated reply indicates that the ticket has not been resolved yet.

Okay, can i request that in the future when people talk about not having support tickets responded to, you make the distinction that they should have had an automatic response saying they were received, but no further communication means that they’re still unresolved, even when its been weeks or months?

Like this isnt a rare thing at this point, it doesnt take much scouring of various social medias to see multiple people have had tickets they’ve submitted since 0.9 went up, not have any response to what they’ve brought up. Hiding behind semantics is shoddy customer support.

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Sure thing.

hello mike, i keep getting automated emails; that solves some issues but never mine, and a human never response later on. so thats the problem im having.

Sure, but letting people go unanswered in support for this long for it to become an issue sort of implies maybe he needs to be pinged, so it can be brought to attention instead of let fester until people complain online?

Who in the future, if such a thing happens again (which it sadly will) would be best to ping? Should no one be pinged, and we just hope with our fingers crossed that something changes for the better without taking steps to get attention to it?

Also yeah what Aurora said, having such a weird distinction between whether a customer’s ticket was received and just not handled vs not received at all should never be on the customer to state. It’s relatively arbitrary for the end-user. To them, the important bit is that their issue is still unresolved.

You have thousands of customers now, you need a system internally to distinguish that sort of thing and not require the customer to state it in order to be replied to.

Quick edit: I’m not trying to be negative just for the sake of it, nor to be argumentative. I just know, from an end-user perspective, having what sounds like semantics be important to get a support ticket resolved can be hair-ripping frustrating.

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The main reason this is so important is that it is much more efficient to help people without going down the wrong path right out of the gate.

And I’m not sure what the problem is yet but when I got someone to check earlier today, all open tickets had been replied to by a real person.

We can distinguish between auto reply sent and real person reply sent.

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That’s all fair.

As I said above, I wasn’t trying to be argumentative for the sake of it, it’s why I had to make the edit cause I reread my post and was worried it sounded too aggressive lmao.

If in the future something like this comes up, do you recommend people opening threads and pinging you specifically, or should they just wait? How long ETA-wise should people wait for a response for their ticket before they start taking extra steps?

I’m not sure what your back-end looks like for all this, so it’s nice to know upfront what’s most recommended for users having issues.

I’m sorry, I don’t know. I kinda just saw the thread and thought I could help with some technical stuff in looking into why nothing had been received at all.

If anyone was to be pinged, probably Kain as the community manager.


UPDATE, i got things sorted by using discord.

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