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Keep crashing with Acolyte on first kill of chapter 2

I started playing Acolyte yesterday (my second character), I have gone through chapter 1 without any issue but at chapter 2, the first enemy I kill make me crash.

I tried seeing if just killing mob was the issue by going to my mage to see if it was the issue (had not played since last update), it was not that, I still have to try see if one particuliar skill is causing this issue or if it does the same with others characters.

Crash (231.1 KB)
Here is a zip containing a DxDiag of my system, the files in the crashes folder and my player logs.

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

Edit: Tried unspecialising skill and get rid of every skill, same issue. Also tried the same with a brand new primalist character and I have the same issue here, the game crash on first kill of chapter 2. Here the logs:
Crash Report (118.9 KB)

Well :s I feel dumb, just did a steam files integrity check, it download 1.3GB and it seems to be solved even though I feel like I have some freeze issues but I can figure thing out, so problem solved ><

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