Just upgraded to Ultimate, because

Do you mean the promised transmog system?

That was them redoing some of the older art.

Yes, that will be added as time goes on. Even GGG spent years adding that for a few uniques eash league.

Agreed and also done as well. If I like something, I have no problems tossing my money to support it’s continued development and progression.

No. I mean what I said – ie the 3D visual skins to match the 2D art for each unique armor piece, which has yet to be implemented but was promised for the future.

Yes, it was also them adding whole entire new sets into the game, usually to go along with a mastery rework or new masteries altogether. I remember they added quite a few sets and visuals to go along with them around 0.8 or so, going into 0.9.

Yes. Again, as I’ve said, I know this. GGG did however fall victim to what I’m worried about here – in which they focused more so on mtx cosmetic skins over actual armor appearances for in-game earnable gear.

It’s something of a joke that people without mtx in PoE look like a homeless person.

This may seem rude, I don’t intend for it to be, but is English your native language or no? I only ask because there seemed to be a language barrier there, and I can try and use some form of translation service for you if it could help keep us on the same page here, lmao.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Yes, I am a native English speaker. I’m probably one of the most English people on the forum right down to my social awkwardness, inability to communicate my emotions and love of queing. Just because the other person didn’t get what we said doesn’t mean that the issue was on their side.

Unless I missed the sarcasm, if that was the case I’ll go commit seppuku immediately due to embarrassing my ancestors.

Indeed, my characters do usually look like murder hobos. Apart from mtx, are there any armour sets in PoE (unlike in LE)? I can’t remember.

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No, PoE doesn’t have sets. Just uniques, rares and trash :joy:

We’re talking about graphical sets of armour that share a connon appearance (like LE has been introducing), not the item rarity.

They do, but only for MTX.

I actually don’t know how POE base items look like because I’m always decked in mtxes :neutral_face:

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In poe with no MTX. U look like a hobo with a metal bucket on ir head.


Going to as well :+1:

Same. Ultimate edition :sunglasses::heart:

I grabbed Ultimate as well!! Great ARPG that scratches the itch that D4 failed to do! I must reward hard good work by the devs for such an amazing job

Grabbed the Ultimate and have not even played the game - hearing/reading good things so thought I’d take a punt :slight_smile:

did the same, such appreciation is mandatory for awesome game that they are going to deliver.
BTW. I’ve already sunk 300 hours into this game.

Because I needed to. Even though I felt like this really should been free of charge for those of us who actually invested in the bigger more expensive Ardent Beta Supporter Packs.

I actually dsiagree, those big supporter packs from before 0.9 had their own value.

I don’t know why new stuff should be included in older supporter packs. If that is stuff you like as well, either buy it as well or leave it.


And well… Now I did exactly that. But that is and was how I felt and was feeling about that case.

I did the same and I am a new player

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Would you like to elaborate why you feel strongly that way?

Yes… me2. And I bought the biggest supporter pack. I will play this game for awhile, lol.