Just upgraded to Ultimate, because

…I wanted to. Thats why.

Devs should see that as my personal “thank you” for the last days where I already had a blast even though this is “only” Early Access.

I love you.


I did the same, despite only playing the game for a little while. These developers deserve all the support in the world.


Same o7

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Same <3

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I put in 500 hours before I spent anything past my initial $35 purchase. I’m glad to fund this game’s future development.


Same :heart:

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With 600 hrs or so already in the game.

Damn right im doing the same. My wife will be as well. Amazing game imo

Love what they are doing with factions


Just upgraded to Ultimate Edition as well. EHG deserves the support. Really love what they’ve developed and I’m happy to support them as they move forward with the big release.
Only reason I took a break from LE was to play Baldur’s Gate 3, but I plan to come right back once full release hits!


Yep, can’t wait for launch day!

I will probably be doing the same. Already have hundreds of hours of enjoyment and excited for release.

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Same here, I just upgraded to Ultimate edition. I cannot wait to sink a lot of time into the game at launch and beyond.

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Well, after 5 years of all my time in this game, they deserve a bit extra and Ultimate was the way to do it!


Yea just upgraded myself. I have 2k hours.

Also you get shitloads of stuff for the 30 bucks it feels like to me atleast. a pet with several variations and one extra, two portals and two armor sets? thats a fantastic deal for a game I already love and plan to continue to love.

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I’m at about 700 hours or so, I think.

I also just got the Ultimate upgrade, cause I want to reward game developers that I feel are doing great since it’s my money and I enjoy what EHG provide.

I do hope they remember though to keep adding new cosmetic appearances for new armor sets to actual in-game gear and not just focusing on adding new cosmetic skins to the shop, but so far I haven’t seen anything to worry me too badly.

I think after 1.0 they should focus on getting a 3D skin for all armor pieces so people can get more comfortable with having a cosmetic shop, and so people don’t have those sort of fears.

Is the game perfect? Absolutely not. Ignoring bugs and broken skills, it still lacks a bunch of stuff that would allow the game to be deemed “perfect” or “complete,” but I have faith in EHG and really am excited for the future.

Last Epoch is one of those games where I’m super excited for what it becomes in, say, 5 years time.

That’s also a great point. For what it appears, the Ultimate upgrade for $30 is an amazing bang-for-the-buck bundle.

Some pets with different variations, two whole armor skins, two portals, and 100 EP added on-top of that? What’s not the love.

I asked this on the dev stream yesterday as well. And Mike said yes there are more mtx coming outside of Supporter Packs and these Deluxe/Ultimate Editions.
With the mini patch they did when releasing the Deluxe/Ultimate Edition the In-Game Shop even received a new Category, which will be some of the new MTX that is coming.

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Think you misunderstood me. I was talking about them focusing post-1.0 on finishing adding visual cosmetic appearances to the in-game gear outside of mtx and the cosmetic shop. I know they’ll add more mtx cause that’s a driving force to their profitability, and that’s fine.

We used to get new visual appearances for armors relatively often on patches and new release versions, but since 0.9 to 1.0 they’ve been relatively quiet when it comes to adding 3D skins to armors. I know they’ll do it cause they promised they would and so far they’ve kept their word, I just want to make sure they remember to keep it a priority.

There are so many unique armors that have no unique appearance outside their base archetype, and that’s a bummer cause the 2D art is beautiful.

Overall I knew this, no worries.

I think the pets are cool, the portals are really nice (especially the Celestial Way), the Temporal Guardian armor is very cool, but I think the Fallen Ronin armor is simply awesome!


As a customer, if I feel well treated in a restaurant, I always leave a tip.

I think most people act like me, and EHG is smart enough to realize that.


Hab mir gerade die DELUXE EDITION gekauft und Last Epoch schon seit Early Acces in der Steam Biblothek. Ich freue mich riesig auf den Lunch und kann es kaum erwarten wenn der Startschuss fällt. Möge der Loot und Erfolg mit Euch sein. Man sieht sich auf der Map.

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Hear hear! My wife and I just saw a 90 minute movie this weekend and dropped 40 bucks for the privilege. I’m approaching 300 hours on LE and honestly they’ve been far more enjoyable than that movie ended up being. Upgrading to ultimate was the easiest purchase I made this week.