It's almost impossible to connect with a specific ISP [EU West]

Using my local ISP, I’m having a lot of trouble connecting to the game. Login to the account goes without problems, but after choosing a character, the loading panel with “Connecting” just hangs for a while and nothing happens. It’s literally 1 out of 50 attempts can be successful. At the same time, when connecting through another Internet provider (in my case, using a smartphone as a modem), the connection goes like clockwork from the first attempt.

Hey there.

It sounds like you are getting some timeouts due to routing issues. Some other players have experienced this issue.

You can try:

  • reatarting your modem or router
  • configuring your modem to force IPv4

If youre unsure how to do this, you can try ringing your ISP for support :slight_smile:

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