Issues launching game

Hey there!

I just bought the game and cannot play it at all, I cannot even get past the initial loading screen.

This might be caused by my specs being too low? I don’t know much about that kind of thing to be honest but i’ll try to give you my specs

Windows 7 64 bits
i7 CPU 960 3.20GHz
Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 960

Thanks in advance! (7.3 KB)


Sorry you are having hassles trying to start the game…

Your system is definitely showing its age and will definitely need you to set all the game settings and resolution to the lowest options but it should be able to at least start the game.

What kind of error do you get when you say you cannot get past the loading screen?

Hi Datgangplank,

what is your windows event log logging?
This is, at least for me, the best debugging tool you can have - at least as a user.

If it is showing an appcrash (error ID1000) for unity: uninstall citrix/teamviewer.
If it is showing a dx3…/nv… .dll error you should update your drivers.

Good luck!

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