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Is this game worth it?

I try not to buy game before full release, mostly because of blizzard fuckups games. I lost faith in some game studios.
Is this game good ? If it’s even half as good as grim dawn, I’ll prebuy without thinking.

I just need some real players feedbacks and thoughts.

There is at least one thing for sure… EHG is no dev studio that makes empty promises and is transperant and communicates like no other.

Is the game half as good as Grim Dawn? Right now it isn’t if you compare the release version of GD with LE because in LE there is some stuff missing for a complete experience. I persoanly like LE far more then GD because i have more options and I like the style of a passive class based skilltree and ways to mix and change skills that make one mastery of class playable in different ways and with different skills and setups.

If you don’t care about the beta stage (EA) of the game then go for it and have some fun for hours and hours. On top of it there is the good old loot grind and minmaxing aspect of the hack and slay genre that can make you spend hundrets of hours here and you still don’t have everything you want.

Optimisation is an ongoing process but right now LE works pretty fine and with the 0.9 update multiplayer comes to LE and you can play with friends if you have some ;).

When LE will be released and the Devs kept their standarts for me LE>GD.


Easily… Imho, in some instances its better…

My reply to a similar question a few days ago:

Oh my a lot of hardcore GD nerds will rip you a new one for this heresy :D. Then aigain if I would be asked “What game is better if you don’t comprehend DLC and addons?” I’d say LE is better by a quatermile but mostly due to the aesthetics and the heavy dependence of Set builds in the endgame not so much for the gameplay because it’s just another hack and slay.

I’m pretty pleased with LE and never regretted the 50 quid I threw at them.

Let the nerds come… I have my slide rule and pocket protectors ready… (god thats corny)

seriously tho… the main thing for GD for me is that I enjoy(ed) it very much and have all the DLC and liked all the variety of classes and content (except Crucible)… but the one thing that I cannot get by is that I get bored at end-game in GD… every time I play/replay, by the time I have finished the campaign content on a new char and done a little farming for some specific goodies, I just get bored.

I have no idea why it happens, but every single time its the same and I uninstall again till another run…

So, thats my main “in some instances its better…” reason…

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I think you’re right. You don’t need to buy the game before the full release so as not to take risks. However, I have friends who already play Last Epoch, and they say that this game is great, it is a mixture of Diablo and other games, but the graphics and functionality are at the highest level. So I think whether I should buy it too or not… It’s just that WoW Lich King Classic was released recently, and I only want to play it now because the hype is just incredible. But I can purchase levelling my character from and, at this time, play Last Epoch until my character reaches the high level, right?


Blizzard doesn’t do paid early access and EHG is not related to them at all, so what does that have to do with anything?

The 11,000 positive reviews on Steam seem to think so.

Blizzard do, however, like doing pre-orders, which I suspect is what @flandcdn was meaning. You may not get early access, but you can still get ####ed by things not matching the marketing bullshit (WC3 Reforged), or whatever.

Honest review here, buy it, you wont regret. Im a new player, and as I posted in another topic:

"I loved playing Grim Dawn couple of years ago, and retired a little from games. So I came back last year and this year trying Lost Ark (you have to live for the game, not my cup of tea), Diablo Immortal, Guild Wars, and some others, none of them could deliver something special, something more than just kill time.

Last Epoch is the best experience I had in games from a long time, and there is a huge personal factor to me that helps to like it even more , is that you can be as much casual player as you want but you still can have fun playing it."

Blizzard turned to be a pile of shit. Diablo immortal was their apice to disrespect players. Cash-Grab with microtransactions as its soul core.

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Aforementioned GD nerd here, sitting well over 1k hours time played. LE is most def worth it. If GD had a crafting system like this, it would probably be my all time fav. LE has a lot of content already and is reasonably polished for where it is in development, even now you can get 100s of hours of gaming if you explore all possible build types.

I have only had Grim Dawn for a year or so, but already have the same relationship with the game. I don’t know why, but I’ll be cruising along, having fun, imagining myself dumping a thousand hours into my new character… and suddenly, I’m just bored. I’ll load it up and turn it off without playing sometimes. It’s so weird. I hope I learn how to get the most out of Grim Dawn, eventually.

Want the most out of GD? Mods.

Grimarillion and Dawn of Masteries are both amazing, DoM has 40ish classes in total, all with appropriate gearing (Zenith is the exception)

Reign of Terror is among the best mods of all time, it recreates Diablo 2 using Grim Dawns engine. You can pick from both GD and Diablo 2 classes here.

There are tons of other mods, but the above mods can keep you busy for a loooooong time granted you enjoy the game.

If interested, you can go to Crate’s website and go to the modding projects forum.

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I think you replied to the wrong post.

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Thanks for taking the time! I’ll check them out. It took me 150 hours to decide I liked Lost Ark, then I loved it for the next 1100. I’m sure I can figure out how to best enjoy Grim Dawn, a game that people pretty much universally love. Even I love the first 60 hours of a playthrough!


The Reign of Terror total conversion/mod is excellent, though the D2 classes are significantly more “effective” than the Grim Dawn classes in the mod.

It’s 1/2 as good as GD in my opinion. I really like the look and feel and world creation of GD, and a lot of other things about it. yet, like others on this thread I find myself getting tired of it much earlier than i would think.

I have to admit the current “end game” of LE is a bit lacking, but hey, it’s NOT FINISHED yet.

Having said that i still put lots of time in it, and weirdly, i’m still having fun.

As always, YMMV.

Just be informed that you can’t pickup potions from the ground. They will be automatically picked up if you have a free potion slot on your belt.

Fact is that an increasing number of players have quit and uninstalled recently, solely because of this mechanic.

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What is so egregious about the potion mechanic?

@RawSuicide 's just poking fun at this thread, for the most part.

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