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So how do I pick things up?

2 mins into the game. Mob drops a health potion. Can’t click it, no key for pick up, no auto pick up.

What’s the point of a loot game when I can’t pick it up?

Devs please remove. I’ve decided if I need google/help after 2 mins in a game then there is something wrong with the game. Uninstalling.

Health potions are tied to your belt slot. They are automatically picked up by walking over them provided you’re wearing a belt, and the number of potions that can be collected is dependent on the belt you’re wearing.

You can also open the Game Guide, using the [G] key, for further information about various mechanics and systems in the game. For potions specifically, it states:

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And how many other items did you pick up before and/or after that? Did you try?

What a bizzare post. Did you not consider for a moment that it would be totally illogical for a game to behave like this unless there was something you personally were not doing correctly? Especially one with thousands of regular players and positive reviews.

For this problem, you would have specifically had to remove the belt item that all characters start with equipped.

This is without doubt the most obvious example of a PICNIC problem I have ever heard.

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I’m wondering if this is a “funny” post. My teenage boys have a similar sense of humour, OAPs like us just don’t get it.

That forum post up ahead, your next stop: the Poe’s Law Zone.

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If that were the case I would have hoped for a smiley face at least. :crazy_face: Anything is possible on the old 'Net but hells bells if thats whats going for humour these days, then I may have find some old Billy Connelly to keep me from depression.

Had to look that one up. Learn something new every day on this forum. :scream:

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You can only hold a maximum number of health potions at once. You either had the maximum already or didnt have a belt equipped at all.

My only hope is OP comes back to this post to find out how dumb hes being. This is an IQ problem lmao.

Rage quit over health potions? We’re doomed as a society.


It’s been some time… but isn’t there even a heath pot popup that explains everything? ^^

Yes there is, and it pops up about 20 seconds into the game. However, its text could certainly use an update – especially considering potions can’t be purchased from vendors.

Perhaps it could instead say something like this:

You’re taking damage! Use health potions to restore your health. Health potions drop from killing enemies or hitting bosses and the number of potions you can carry is tied directly to your belt.

OR it could end with; the number of potions you can carry is dependent on your belt.

And then also have a link to the Potions section of the Game Guide for those that want further information.

Maybe in the in-game game guide?

Yeah. And can we please have a popup every 20 minutes that reminds us to eat and go to the toilet, so we don’t make a mess while playing… ?

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My best advice to you, is that you just uninstall the entire game and just forget´s about it.
Go play something else, pls. Don´t bother about Last Epoch.