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Is this game worth it?

I try not to buy game before full release, mostly because of blizzard fuckups games. I lost faith in some game studios.
Is this game good ? If it’s even half as good as grim dawn, I’ll prebuy without thinking.

I just need some real players feedbacks and thoughts.

There is at least one thing for sure… EHG is no dev studio that makes empty promises and is transperant and communicates like no other.

Is the game half as good as Grim Dawn? Right now it isn’t if you compare the release version of GD with LE because in LE there is some stuff missing for a complete experience. I persoanly like LE far more then GD because i have more options and I like the style of a passive class based skilltree and ways to mix and change skills that make one mastery of class playable in different ways and with different skills and setups.

If you don’t care about the beta stage (EA) of the game then go for it and have some fun for hours and hours. On top of it there is the good old loot grind and minmaxing aspect of the hack and slay genre that can make you spend hundrets of hours here and you still don’t have everything you want.

Optimisation is an ongoing process but right now LE works pretty fine and with the 0.9 update multiplayer comes to LE and you can play with friends if you have some ;).

When LE will be released and the Devs kept their standarts for me LE>GD.


Easily… Imho, in some instances its better…

My reply to a similar question a few days ago:

Oh my a lot of hardcore GD nerds will rip you a new one for this heresy :D. Then aigain if I would be asked “What game is better if you don’t comprehend DLC and addons?” I’d say LE is better by a quatermile but mostly due to the aesthetics and the heavy dependence of Set builds in the endgame not so much for the gameplay because it’s just another hack and slay.

I’m pretty pleased with LE and never regretted the 50 quid I threw at them.

Let the nerds come… I have my slide rule and pocket protectors ready… (god thats corny)

seriously tho… the main thing for GD for me is that I enjoy(ed) it very much and have all the DLC and liked all the variety of classes and content (except Crucible)… but the one thing that I cannot get by is that I get bored at end-game in GD… every time I play/replay, by the time I have finished the campaign content on a new char and done a little farming for some specific goodies, I just get bored.

I have no idea why it happens, but every single time its the same and I uninstall again till another run…

So, thats my main “in some instances its better…” reason…