Is there any way to gain mana in a paladin build besides casting smite?

I’ve got a fire warpath + smite proccing paladin.

Its really fun, but the worst part about it is that the flow is ruined when i reach zero mana due to needing to cast sigils.

There’s ready another thread on how frustrating it is to keep sigils up, but i was wondering if there was any way to gain mana back besides casting smite, or by basic mana regen. Oh, and not time reversal. That feels cheesy and off theme.

There is a passive for rive multistrike vengeance and smite to give you mana (and life I think).
There is affixes for mana gain when vengeance or rive hit


But do you really need to cast sigil that often?

Yeah, pretty regularly besides maps full of tons of small monsters.

More importantly, I can’t regen mana when using warpsth which means I have very little time to get mana back.

Do you have instant cast sigils ? That’s very mana heavy
Do you have a scepter with the affix “spell dmg and minus mana cost”?that would help (even though its just - 3)
And I know you said you don’t want reversal but currently this is the best way to get mana back 'sentinel. It also gives 30% more dmg and can give you as and ms
Edit: you might be focusing a little bit too much on having your 4 sigils up all the time. I know it’s a strong buff but zooming through a map might feel better

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I do have instant cast sigils so that I don’t have to stop warpath to cast one

So that is 45 mana for one sigil. It’s huge. A’d not really necessary. Unless you are trying to echo, in that case you need 2 sec one uninterrupted channel to have a chance to spawn echoes, you don’t really need instant cast.
Well I would not take it
Edit : that cost 3 points, so I don’t know what you are missing out on. Some duration? A 4th sigil? Some dmg? Some endurance threshold?

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I mean, 4 sigils give me +100% dmg, extra fire dmg for my fire build, and a big chunk of endurance

It’s common while using warpath/sigils to also use volatile reversal. At the start of a mono you pop all of your sigils. hit volatile reversal and move on.

killing trash and taking the node that casts sigils on kill will usually keep them up at least between 2-3 sigils. The only time you might have to stop to re-cast is right when you hit your boss.

You could also take the gain mana nodes in warpath (it’s on the far left, can’t remember the name) as another option to gain mana.


take node with ‘sigil on kill’ man. ‘Last wish’ it is. Should save all your mana troubles on non-bosses.

I don’t know how you are specced, but if you use a 2h weapon, you can take Dark Nexus in Warpath to generate 35 mana per 3 seconds, then take some of the reduced channel cost nodes and you will generate mana while using warpath.

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Yeah but if he playes S&B he is fubar because it’s a 2hand exclusive node.

Junky 2H build idea. Not sure if it would be good at all, just wanted to see about what the numbers would look like. This is without any unique, legendary, or exalted items.

btw, how u can swing ‘warpath’ with s&b? That thing must be dual-wield or 2h imho :smiley:

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I can see the problem:

  • You need a two hander if you want to regen mana with warpath, but there are no viable two handers for fire warpath build
  • Paladin leans more towards using a shield, which wasn’t really meant for warpath
  • I’m a paladin using firestarters scepter and reen dual wield as paladin, proccing smite

All I really need to make this work is either one of these:

  • The warpath mana regen talent works with dual wield, or maybe a shield (shield would force a tankier build though, with less ignite procs)
  • A two hander that works for a sentinel/paladin firebuild (that makes up for less ignite procs somehow)

Otherwise, there would need to be more ways to gain mana back from other skills besides just smite direct cast. Lunge would be a good option.

Volcanus give flat fire melee and spell iirc

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Or Eternal Eclipse maybe. If the fire Warpath is the skill that “consumes”/procs the buff the entire duration of the channel gets the 200-240 melee void damage (& time rot chance for what that’s worth).

Not from what I ve tested. You get 1hit buffed every 2 sec

Since you’re doing DoT, you might consider adding bleed stacks and these gloves.

Thanks. I am using those!

I have firestarters, reen, those gloves, the sunweaver ring.

Im waiting on wings of argentus and at that point im probably set unless the helm that helps with lunge feel worth it. Need to find it to test. I really dont want to use void stuff which is why im using lunge as the fifth right now. The movement is amazing and it procs smite too, which is clutch for healing myself in a pinch.

I also tried the globes that trigger fire tornando that shreds fire res. Sadly it costs like 20 mana a proc and isn’t sustainable with warpath. Smite procs are free due to firestarters sceptre, else this build wouldnt work at all.

The damage seems good right now due to 100% fire pen in warpath, and another 100% fire dmg in smite on ignited targets (plus sacrifice dmg too which is 100% I think).

It shreds with aoe and is also really good at single target. Holy aura flame burst really takes the single target to the next level too

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