Is revamped COF comparable to MG, which one will you choose

curious what do you OGs think

I will chose CoF, because I prefer playing that way and don’t enjoy the Trade meta

I assume people will play MG if they do prefer that playstyle, and that is ok for me.

Honestly, both systems can be balanced individually, as seen on hte upcoming perk changes, so I would suggest you play the way you prefer to play, rather than minmax the enjoyment out of your game

I don’t think much has changed with MG, tbh. The faster leveling of ranks should make it so that you can buy exalted gear sooner and closer to when you’re needing it, but otherwise little has changed. Not that there’s too much to change, imo.

CoF changes do seem more impactful, but then again, CoF needed some love, especially for boss drops.

I’m going to stick to CoF, even though I hate the prophecies mechanic. I still prefer to have a drop centric game than a trading game.


Definitely choosing CoF since I vastly prefer the SSF style of gameplay in LE, plus if the servers are dying then I’ll be playing offline and will be forced to choose CoF anyways, so yeah. As for whether it’s comparable to MG, can’t say since I haven’t tried MG, but I’d imagine it’s still going to be similar to how it was at 1.0: better for early in the cycle when you don’t have much gold and there’s not that many interesting items on the market, worse for late in the cycle when you have a good amount of gold and the market is full of interesting items. The changes to CoF seem good IMO, even the double prophecy rewards since I prefer the extra chance over the double-or-nothing that the old rank provided, but none of the changes address the (intentional) RNG that makes CoF the worse choice for late in the cycle.

Not comparable, MG will always provide access to way more items than CoF. And if they were to buff CoF to that same point, the game would be boring nonsense like D3, where you’re finished within a weekend.

I will still play CoF for I want to play the game, not sit around browsing the marketplace. I feel no gratification for simply buying a chase item.

MG but I’m going to stay with my current chars as legacy and I’m worried about bazaar activity

Curious. What is it you dislike the prophecy mechanic so much? I enjoy it, though personally I’d like not to have to go back and forth between the CoF area to look through some spy glasses. If I had a menu/UI I could open up while not in enemy-having areas, I’d be much happier with it.

I did CoF exclusively in Cycle 1. So for Cycle 2 going exclusively MG. Then going forward after that I can make a more informed decision about which I like best. Since I mainly solo play it’s more than likely I’ll go back to CoF after Cycle 2 but I won’t know until I try. :smiley:

As someone who also hates it.

Go and farm 200c~ for an hour, now take the faction juice you made in that hour, and convert it to prophecies and compare the loot.

The loot you got from drops is basically poopoo doodoo shit trash baby diapers and literally not even worth speaking about.

CoFs entire power is locked behind rolling prophecies. Now that 1 hour of faction juice you made, how long did it take you to roll the prophecies? it takes a hot minute to sit there and drool and roll over prophecies. its actually low key just spreadsheet farming “okay ive optimally used my faction juice to get the most loot from it, now ill go run some specific random encounters and watch literally 200 amulets drop from a single enemy when they all proc at once”

I think what people imagined when they asked for CoF was “I kill monsters and get tons of loot” not “I need to do busy work on a spread sheet simulator to drop all the loot at once from a single enemy”

The boss drop buff is a step in the right direction, but they need to imo shift power out of prophecies and more into generic killing monster power.

I am a ride or die CoF player, I hate trading and market place bullshit, but CoF is 100% not living up to what I wanted from the game. pre factions the game was “run around kill monster get loot” now the optimal strat is “proc a bunch of prophecies for loot” which generally require killing very small amount of a specific monster.


I think it was “poopoo doodoo shit trash baby diapers” that really grabbed my attention with this response.

I do agree with your points though.

I certainly would enjoy more drops more of the time, so.

Yeah, tldr; The faction grind to then sit in a menu and micro it, sucks me out of the game and the monster killing. I can sit there and run echos for 3 hours in a row, but as soon as I sit for 10 minutes rolling prophecies I close the game and am not really interested in going back to the observatory.


Yea I agree that the actually getting the prophecies rolling is annoying. But I also enjoy the loot-splosions from finishing individual prophecies. If that process could be more streamlined, I’d enjoy it that much more. Generally getting more items is something CoF does already in the earlier levels of the faction, though it could be improved for sure.

I already hated it in PoE and for the same reasons: it breaks the gameplay. You have to stop, roll your prophecies, then go play the game to trigger them. Then you stop again and go roll some more.
I am aware that there are modifiers so you spend more for bigger payoffs, so you don’t have to waste as much time rolling them, but you still have to stop playing, port to observatory, roll them, port back to monos, etc.

I mean, I still prefer CoF. I just wish there was some other mechanic that didn’t break the gameplay.


Comparing MG and COF is apples and oranges.

Fair enough.
I suppose personally I had less an issue with breakin’ up the play time. But I agree it sucks. Like I said above, I’d be way happier in general if the process of getting prophecies was more streamlined or it was easier to get the sort of item prophecy I wanted.

Yea. I certainly prefer getting my own items to interacting with trade.

I’ve not interacted with trade at all though since 1.0. Maybe I give it a go this time around.

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I actually had a very different experience but I keep my wet wipes handy at all times.


That said, the point about ‘stopping to spread sheet shite’ was a fair point. I wonder if the entire interface could be built into CoF monos themselves. So you get ready to run a mono, let’s say a ‘exalted ring’ mono. When you choose it, before it transports you, based off your CoF faction status it throws up something like the doors in dungeons:

Choice One: such and such
Choice Two: this or that.

Something like that. That way it stays within the moment of farming. And the only time you need to go to the observatory is to change out your Faction Tokens in your given constellation that determine if you’re looking for rings, and what not.

This would probably require WAY TOO much work/change, but I thought your point was valid.


Circle of Fortune if you want to race to 100.

I will choose MG always. RNG loot is the lamest part of games like this, and I can only tolerate it if I can trade good things I don’t want for good things I do want.

First, to state the important obvious:
No matter how much revamped, CoF will NEVER be comparable to MG. If you want BiS items for a specific build, go MG. No revamping is going to change that.
The misconception that factions should be / will be balanced has led to a lot of frustration.

Now this is clear, for me it will always be CoF.
Buying my gear feels exactly like downloading an editor and cheating it.
And I’d rather not the play the game at all than doing that, so yeah, no trade for me.
This is not even about CoF, I wouldn’t trade even if there was no faction system at all in Eterra.


Even as a hoarder - CoF 100 stash tabs for twinks scares me
MG is way better in cases of space organising. Something for “save it, it looks useful, but cheap”, something for “sell it later with another of this type”