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Is NVidia Mx150 2GB (the better version) enough to run the game on low settings?


First off I gotta say as a veteran 40y old arpg gamer this game makes me smile, it has that old diablo vibe to it that you don’t really get to feel anymore in today’s games. So thanks for that.

I tried the pre-alpha demo and it was a bit clunky on my laptop. The thing is I’m working overseas for about a year and don’t have my desktop with me and was wondering whether the alpha version would run any better. My laptop is otherwise quite powerful (a ThinkPad with the newest i7 and 16gb RAM) so it’s most likely the GFX that is/might be the bottleneck.

Thing is I would love to support the game but if it doesn’t run smoothly enough on my laptop I guess I’ll have to wait till the game comes out when I’m back home.

Anyway, thanks for developing this game!


They stated the game is very GPU intensive right now but compared to the pre alpha demo its alot better optimized (this was said on their discord, you should join it :wink:). So hopefully it runs better for you already.

Thanks, yep it runs a little bit better. So much so that I decided to support the game. I know my laptop gfx card is a potato, but this game seems just way too good to miss out on :wink:

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